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Selecting a Section To add a section to a project, the section does not need to be checked out. Find the section in the Tree Panel. Click in the status box to the left of the section ID in the Project Tree. A checkmark will appear in the box and the section title will become bold to indicate that it is active.   If you are selecting a number of sections in a row in…
Copying Sections Within A Single Project To copy an entire section within a single project follow these steps. In the Project Tree, click on the section you want to copy. Using the right mouse button menu, click on Copy Section. The Copy Section for Pasting dialog box appears. The current section ID and acronym are displayed.   Verify that this is the section you want to copy, and then click OK. Position your cursor in…
Importing Sections from Another Project Use this dialog box to copy sections from one project to another. ·         Open the project you want to copy sections into. ·         From the Insert tab / New Section group choose Import From Project. ·         Click on the project you want to copy the section(s) from. Certain sections must have been opened for editing with the current master before you can import them. ·         The active sections in the…
New Section from RTF New Section from RTF allows you to create a new section by importing a rich text format (RTF) file, without first creating the section in SpecLink-E. (RTF stands for Rich Text Format, which is readable by multiple applications. To make an RTF file, open the Word document and in Word from the File menu choose Save As. Change the Save as Type dropdown to Rich Text Format (RTF).) If you have…
New Section from .doc or .docx New Section from .doc allows you to create a new section by importing a Word document (.doc or .docx) file, without first creating the section in SpecLink-E. If you have a file you can import, you don’t need to start the section in SpecLink-E first.    This function also allows you to import choices and notes. There are specific rules for how the doc file needs to be constructed,…