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Printing a Draft Copy There are three types of draft reports: Master Text Only All Text Draft Selected Text Draft   A Master Text Only is the complete text of the master whether the text has been selected for the project or not. Master Text Only is intended for review and manual mark-up and does not indicate which text is selected for the project. Multiple choice options are set off from the text by carets,…
Using Show Text Levels Use Show Text Levels to expand or collapse the text outline format within the Document Panel. Click the button labeled All Levels in the Paragraphs group on the View tab to change the number of levels visible. Note: The button's label may change to To Level 1, To Level 2, or To Level 3, to correspond to the selection you make.
AIA-Style Style Set SECTION 000000 - SECTION TITLE (Level 0) {centered} {skipped line} PART 1 GENERAL (Level 1) {skipped line} 1.01       ARTICLE TITLES (Level 2) {skipped line} A.      Text of the first paragraph. (Level 3) 1.      Text of the first subparagraph. (Level 4) 2.      Text of the second subparagraph. a.      Text of the first sub-subparagraph. (Level 5) 1)      Text of the first sub-sub-subparagraph. (Level 6) {skipped line} B.      Text of the second paragraph. etc. END…
Addenda Tab The Addenda Tab allows entry for information on any addenda for the project. The following fields are available:  Addendum No.: This is filled in automatically when adding new addenda. It is selectable when using Edit, Remove or Review in the Action dropdown.  Date Issued: This defaults to today’s date when adding a new addendum, but may be changed by selecting another date from the calendar.  Action: Choices are Add, Edit, Remove or Review…
Adding References as Plain Text Note: It is recommended that you add references using the Reference Standards Panel. With the Reference Standards Panel, you can search for a reference and then drag it into your project in a matter of seconds (eliminating the need for the steps below). Additionally, references and citations added using the Reference Standards Panel can be updated automatically. Add a paragraph in the body of the section that contains a new…