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Using the Update BSD Master tab in the SLE Support Utilities application, you can update the data in your version of the BSD Master. This is not to be confused with updating your project to the current master. You can determine how often you want your system to check the BSD server for any available updates to your BSD master. This can occur as often as every day, or as seldom as once a quarter.…
On the SLE Support Utility you can choose to check for specification updates manually. Once the updates have been applied to your master, the next time you open an existing project, it will check to see if any updates need to be reflected in your project. New projects will reflect the most up to date master data. To Update Now, start the SLE Support Utilities application by sitting at the server or standalone machine, and…
Implementing roles is a SpecLink-E Corporate feature that grants users access to features and abilities within the program. We have four predefined levels of access. The four roles in descending level of access are System Manager, Expert, Standard, Reviewer. Each user is assigned to one of these roles. Each role is then given the ability to perform certain functions. Descriptions of each role are below. You assign access from Assign System Roles on the Tools…
This setting is available in the Check In and Close group on the Documents tab. When it is on (as shown by the light orange background on the menu choice) you will be prompted to either check out the section or cancel the action. When it is off, single or double clicking (depending on your setting of Single Click to Open) will automatically check out the section.
Archive Database On the Tools tab, in the Copy and Archive Group, click on Project Archive to send one or more projects to the Archive Database. Up to 5 projects can be archived or activated at a time. Projects may be moved to the Archive Database to free space in the Projects Database. They must be retrieved from the Archive Database to be opened in SLE again. The Archive Database can grow to 10 GB…