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See also: User Defined Tags and Spec Type Tags Requirements Tags can be found on paragraphs throughout the BSD Master Database. You can also apply them to your own user-added paragraphs. (If you need to apply a tag to a BSD Master paragraph or if you would like to create a tag that is not in the list of available Requirements Tags, see User Defined Tags.) Use Requirements Tags To: ·            Generate Requirements Reports. ·            Designate text…
The following tags displayed in the Requirements Tags status column determine what sections will be listed in the Requirements Reports. If a section includes an active paragraph with one of these tags, it will be listed in the appropriate Requirements Report.  Tags can also be used to create Non-Printing and Non-Selectable paragraphs.  Note: You may see two or three additional tags in the Tags status column that are not listed in the Tags button. Tags…
It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Preparation of RTF or DOC/DOCX Files for Add New Section before reading this topic. Tables can be imported into SpecLink-E by using New Section from DOC or DOCX. Unlike Importing Tables as Tabbed Text, tables imported from DOC or DOCX retain word wrapping and border features. General information about importing a table: ·            A table should be imported as its own paragraph. Anything outside the table's borders should…
Preparation of RTF or DOC/DOCX File for New Section from RTF or DOC If importing tables, also search for "Importing Tables From Word" Use the following steps to prepare your RTF or DOC/DOCX file for New Section from DOC or DOCX or New Section from RTF. 1.       The word ”Section” must be in the first non-blank line in the document. 2.       This word must be followed by one or more spaces followed by the Section ID number.…
Moving SpecLink-E Corporate From One Server To Another 1. Save The List Of SLE Users 2. Make Sure All Users Have Checked Their Project Sections In And Verify That They Are Logged Out Of SpecLink-E 3. Verify Archived Projects (important to note for Step #12) 4. Check The Backup Status Of Your SLE Database 5. Update Windows And Reboot 6. Install SLE Using The Original DVD You Received 7. Check To See If The Version…