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A System Manager can change the functions that each role can perform. To define system roles: Make sure that you have the role of System Manager. Close any open project. From the Tools tab, System Manager group, select Define System Roles. A dialog box opens with the same tabs that are in the SLE ribbon menu, along with a Miscellaneous tab. As you click on each tab, you will see the groups on the left…
Find in Database allows you to conduct a keyword search across the entire content of the BSD Master as well as across your entire Projects Database. Note: This feature must be installed before it can be used. To install it, run the SLE Corporate installer (version 9.1 or later) and select "Install Keyword Search" when prompted. To open the Find in Database dialog box: Click the Home tab and then click Find in Database. To…
On the workstation open the Control Panel, then Programs and Features. From the list of installed programs click on BSD SpecLink-E. Then on the toolbar click Uninstall/Change. The BSD SpecLink-E Maintenance window will open. Verify “Remove the application from this computer is highlighted. Click Ok. The SpecLink-E Client has now been uninstalled from the workstation.
To start a new project: 1.       From the File menu, choose New Project. The Add New Project dialog box opens. 2.       Enter or modify the required values. a.        Some values are entered automatically using data from the original project – modify these values as needed. b.        If the original project is missing any required values (as you may find when copying a project that was created in SpecLink-E 7.1 or earlier), you must enter the values manually for the…
A Listing of the functions in SLE and their corresponding role.   Group Command Lowest Role Clipboard Cut Standard Copy Standard Paste Standard Delete Standard Editing Undo Standard Find/Replace Standard Spelling Standard Move To Paragraph First Reviewer Previous Reviewer Next Reviewer Last Reviewer Paragraph Restore from Master Standard Add Paragraph Standard Remove Paragraph Standard Auto Select New Standard Demote Paragraph Standard Demote Branch Standard Promote Paragraph Standard Promote Branch Standard Notes Copy Note Standard Paste…