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Frequently Asked Questions

CostLink/AE Top Questions

What is subscription software?

CostLink/AE is sold on an annual subscription basis. That means you have access to the software and the data for one year from the beginning of your subscription. Access to the software is controlled by a software access key, which is generated when you subscribe to the software. When you renew the software, you receive a new access key for the following year.

Does CostLink/AE include cost data?

Each copy of CostLink/AE is delivered with current data from R.S. Means, including 77 Building Type Models, the Assemblies database with over 11,000 assemblies and the Building Cost Construction Database (BCCD) with over 24,000+ line items. The costs from R.S. Means are localized to a specific area when you apply the Location Adjustment factor. Yearly updates of the R.S. Means data are available by download or on CD-ROM during March of each year.

Can I add my own line items?

Yes. You can insert your own line items, with the line item description, unit of measure, and unit cost.

Can I define my own work breakdown structure (WBS) in CostLink/AE?

Yes. CostLink/AE does not limit your project estimates to a pre-defined organization. There are three templates for work breakdown structures (Uniformat II, MasterFormat™ 2004, and the 16 CSI MasterFormat™ divisions) to choose from, and you can customize one of those or define your own. Multiple building projects can be accommodated easily.

Are both Labor and Materials included in the R.S. Means data?

Yes. Both labor and material costs are in the Means' numbers - along with the overhead and profit for the installing contractor.

What else comes with my CostLink/AE subscription?

Your CostLink/AE subscription includes unlimited telephone support starting from date of receipt. Technical support is available by phone or email. An electronic copy of the User Manual is available on the CD and from our web site.

Can I install CostLink/AE on my file server?

Yes. A single user license can be installed on a standalone computer or on a file server to allow access from any number of client computers. CostLink/AE pricing is based on the number of concurrent users. You only need to buy licenses for the number of people who will need to use the software simultaneously.

What if I have multiple sites?

Each individual site requires its own installation, either stand-alone or on a LAN. We do not recommend WAN installation, unless you have a Citrix type server. Call the BSD Sales staff for multi-site pricing.

What is BSD's Return Policy?

The user must accept the BSD End User License Agreement during installation of the software. Please take the time to read and understand it.

If you are not satisfied with BSD CostLink/AE for any reason, you may return all components of BSD CostLink/AE within 30 days of the purchase date. Before uninstalling the software, call Technical Support for an Unsubscribe code. We also require a letter, on your letterhead, explaining the reason for the return and certifying that no copies of BSD CostLink/AE have been retained. Once we have received all components in good condition and the letter, BSD will refund the purchase price, less shipping charges and less a 15% service charge.

Click here to watch a 3-minute video demonstration of CostLink/AE.