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Starting a New Project

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To start a new project:

1.       From the File menu, choose New Project. The Add New Project dialog box opens.

2.       Enter or modify the required values.

a.        Some values are entered automatically using data from the original project modify these values as needed.

b.        If the original project is missing any required values (as you may find when copying a project that was created in SpecLink-E 7.1 or earlier), you must enter the values manually for the new project at this time.

3.       Click New. Your new project opens automatically, as does the General tab of the Summary Info dialog box.


The most efficient way to start a new project:

1.       Create a Format Master by creating a brand new project, editing your headers and footers, and creating or applying your customized Project Template to it. You must have a section open in the Document Panel to change the applied Project Template. Do not edit sections in the Format Master. Name it Format Master, or something similar.

2.       Each time you need to start a new project, copy the Format Master. Your new project will be small and your formatting will already be applied.

3.       From the Insert tab, use Import from Project. Import sections from your office master or from any existing projects. If you have created user links from one section to another, the user added links will be imported whether you are importing the link target or not. You will not see them in the Links Dialog Box until the section that is the target of the link has been imported.

Tip: Importing selected sections gives you a "jump start" on a new project because you can reuse your previous work. Keep in mind that you did not modify the BSD Master, so don’t worry about losing any of that information.

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