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Which LEED Spec sections can be used with LEED v4

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We have guide information and content on how to specify for LEED v4 on our website, including the recommended approach:

Here one can find a list of typically used sections and strategies for specifying:

BSD summarized how to transition over to LEED V4 from the existing LEED 2009/v3 Sections in earlier newsletters, one of the most recent was:

Essentially, we noted if one wishes to preserve the existing LEED 2009/v3 Sections, please take the time now to create a new project and select all the Sections in the range 013514.01 thru 013516.07 and 01 6116.01. Supporting Document/How to Specify:

Its best to create an office master from a typical project that uses the LEED 2009/v3 content as the LEED v4 approach is so different.

Maintaining versions – is covered in more detail here:

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