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Define System Roles - Chart

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A Listing of the functions in SLE and their corresponding role.


Group Command Lowest Role
Clipboard Cut Standard
Copy Standard
Paste Standard
Delete Standard
Editing Undo Standard
Find/Replace Standard
Spelling Standard
Move To Paragraph First Reviewer
Previous Reviewer
Next Reviewer
Last Reviewer
Paragraph Restore from Master Standard
Add Paragraph Standard
Remove Paragraph Standard
Auto Select New Standard
Demote Paragraph Standard
Demote Branch Standard
Promote Paragraph Standard
Promote Branch Standard
Notes Copy Note Standard
Paste Note Standard
Delete Note Standard
System Monitor Show System Manager


Group Command Lowest Role
New Section From Template Standard
From .Doc Standard
From .RTF Standard
Import from Project Standard
Look for Choice Fields Expert
Tables Table Standard
Row Reviewer
Column Reviewer
Cells Standard
Select Reviewer
Split Reviewer
Gridlines Standard
Make Header Row Reviewer
Illustrations Image Standard
Links Hyperlink Standard
SpecLinks Expert


Group Command Lowest Role
Paragraphs Full Spec Reviewer
Normal Reviewer
All Levels Reviewer
Zoom 100% Reviewer
Panels Project Tree Reviewer
Master Notes Reviewer
Choices Expert
Project Notes Expert
Reference Standards Expert
Status Columns Origin Reviewer
Paragraph Level Reviewer
Sequence Number Reviewer
Spec Type Tags Reviewer
Requirements Tags Reviewer
User Defined Tags Reviewer
Windows New Window Reviewer
New Horizontal Tab Reviewer
New Vertical Tab Reviewer
Start Page Start Page Reviewer
Back Reviewer
Forward Reviewer

Project Tree

Group Command Lowest Role
Edit Section Cut Standard
Copy Standard
Paste Into Standard
Delete Expert
Refresh Refresh Tree Standard
Expand To Show All Reviewer
One Level Reviewer
Two Levels Reviewer
Branch Reviewer
Expand on Refresh Reviewer
Move To Folder First Reviewer
Previous Reviewer
Next Reviewer
Last Reviewer
Down One Level Reviewer
Up One Level Reviewer


Group Command Lowest Role
Check In and Close Check In and Close Reviewer
Pending Check-Ins Standard
Close and Lock Standard
Single Click to Open Standard
Ask Before Checkout Standard
Refresh Refresh Document Standard
Revert to Master Expert
Manage Mark Place Reviewer
Return to Mark Reviewer
Rebuild Document Links Standard
Audit Trail Show All Editors Reviewer
Select Editors Reviewer
Section Listing with Last Edit Date Reviewer


Group Command Lowest Role
Document Templates Edit Templates Expert
Project Template Standard
Use for Section Standard
Page Setup Header/Footer Standard
Page Setup Standard
Page Break Standard
Font Bold Standard
Italic Standard
Underline Standard
Strike Standard
Alignment Center Standard
Left Standard
Right Standard
Tabs Standard
Autonumber No Autonumber Standard


Group Command Lowest Role
Global Data Definitions Global Terms Standard
User Tags Expert
Reference Standards System Manager


Group Command Lowest Role
Copy and Archive Save Project to File System Manager
Load Project from File System Manager
Project Archive System Manager
Projects Spell Check Project Standard
Rebuild Project Links Standard
Compare Projects Standard
Verify Document Sequencing Standard
Verify Spec Type Tags Reviewer
Update To Master Update Current Document Expert
Updated Selected Documents Expert
Update Reference Standards Expert
Update Manufacturer References Expert
Compare to Update Expert
Find Remaining Flags Reviewer
Accept Updates in the opening dialog box Expert
System Manager Register Product Online Reviewer
Unlock Documents Expert
Division Editing Rights System Manager


Group Command Lowest Role
File Menu New Project… Standard
Copy Project Standard
Copy from SpecLink+ Standard
Delete Project System Manager
Editing Paragraphs Edit Paragraph Standard
Select Paragraph Standard
Office Master Project Edit Office Master System Manager
Office Master Designation System Manager
Editing Projects Lock Project System Manager
Project Tree Change Section ID and Name System Manager

Default Roles as of 10/21/2016 v.

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