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Master Format and the Project Tree in SLE

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MasterFormat is a voluntary-standard, number-and-title system for specifications.  There is no central repository of CSI MasterFormat specification sections for every single number and title in that system.

The folders that you see in the BSD Project Tree represents the complete CSI MasterFormat numbering system down to CSI Level 2 (medium scope) in most cases.  There are quite a few Level 3 (narrow scope) sections in SLE, but BSD does not have content for every single Level 3 specification number/title in MF04.  SLE contains about 750 master specification sections; there are thousands of numbers/title combinations in MasterFormat.

We encourage users to explore the Tree by drilling down and openings sections and reviewing the Title Sequence master notes and the Section Includes to quickly find the desired subject matter.  One can highlight a specific term, press CNTRL+F and that term can quickly be searched within the section. 

 Even if BSD had content for every MasterFormat number and title, information would be repeated in multiple locations.  BSD strongly believes that duplicate language and repeated information require the user to spend additional effort coordinating documents.  This increases the opportunity for error or omission, and exposes the professional to the risk of additional liability, all for no good reason.  CSI teaches, “Say it correctly, and say it in one place.” The “empty” or “place holder” folders serve a couple of purposes:  The entire MF numbering system is built into SLE to:

(1) assist the user in finding the appropriate Division and Section number for any new sections the user decides to add to a project,  and

(2) provide a standardized location for new content, which BSD is constantly adding.

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