SpecLink-E Corporate Edition

SpecLink-E Corporate Edition

Before You Download

  • First Time Installations - click here

  • Instructions for updating your version of SpecLink-E - click here.

If you are moving the SpecLink-E software, please contact Support at 800-266-7732 or email us prior to starting the move.


With this release you can enable full text search within the SpecLink-E database. Please check our Release Notes for further details.

Downloading, Installing, and Updating


The Corporate installation is downloaded as an ISO installer to the server where SpecLink-E is installed.


***Please note, as part of the client update for this version you will need to have .NET 4.5.2. Below is a link for this installer:


Download the installer:

  1. Confirm that you are logged in to Windows as the Administrator.
  2. Verify that all Windows updates have been downloaded and installed. For new installations, go to step 4. For update installations, continue with step 5.
  3. Reboot your server after running Windows updates.
  4. New installations: Click here to download the file for new installations.
    • Using Windows explorer, browse to the drive that shows SLE_Corp_Full_9400.
    • Right-click the SLE ISO installer (that you downloaded in the previous set of steps) and then select “Mount.”
  5. Update to Click here to download the file for update installations.
    • Double-click the drive and then run SpecLink-E_Corp_setup.exe to start the installer.

Note: If you use LinkMan-E, you will need to update it to its latest version, which can be found here.


User Setup Utility

All Corporate users will be required to log in to SpecLink-E with a user ID and password that are assigned to them by their SpecLink-E System Manager. The user ID must be in the form of an email address and the password must be a minimum of 4 characters in length. To assist you in importing your users’ credentials quickly and easily, we have provided a utility that enables you to create a .csv file for that purpose. It can be downloaded by clicking here.

Once the users’ credentials have been imported, you can easily modify them from the Tools tab by clicking on Assign System Roles. The download includes the program file along with a sample .csv file and a guide on how to use the program.

The default Administrator User ID is administrator@bsdsoftlink.com.
The Password is speclinke.



  • Release Notes - Release Version: Release Date:  October 10, 2018


Additional Resources



If you are having a problem installing our software, please check the 3 issues below. If the problem continues, please contact us.

  1. Are you logged in to both Windows and SpecLink-E as the System Administrator and System Manager respectively?

  2. Are there any incomplete Windows updates?

  3. Have you rebooted your server after running Windows updates?