For Manufacturers

This year, SpecLink-E’s more than 10,000 users will specify manufacturers by name over a million times. Just think of what that could mean for your products.

As a SpecLink-E manufacturer, you’ll reach specifiers at the point of decision with pictures and other important details. And when specifiers choose your products, SpecLink-E uses intelligent links to ensure that the specifications match your product.

But the best part is that we can prove the results. SpecLink-E provides specific, section-by-section reporting and includes frequency of use, details of individual projects, and the names of products actually specified.

Interested? Then learn more by watching a brief video below — and then explore these pages for more information about who uses SpecLink-E, how the listing process works, and some sample listings. The BSD team would also be delighted to walk you through our pricing and learn more about how we can help you reach architects, engineers, and other professionals with your products. Click here to request to have your products listed in SpecLink-E.