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building intelligence for intelligent building

Here’s an overview of BSD... and our business partners.

Building Systems Design develops and sells innovative software tools for the architecture, engineering, and construction markets of North America. Founded in 1983, the company creates, maintains, and supports advanced specification writing, cost estimating and BIM interoperability products used by thousands of architects, engineers and design professionals nationwide. BSD's current line of BSD SoftLink® products is gaining wide acceptance as state-of-the-art software because of the innovative ways that data is linked and displayed. All of the BSD SoftLink products are designed to share information with each other.

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BSD Headquarters, Atlanta, GA

BSD understands that the true value of software is in the implementation and support rather than in the purchase price, so our goal is to provide the best support and follow-up in the A/E/C industry. We offer a full range of training options to meet the needs of both the novice and advanced user, both at our Atlanta facility and at your site.

Besides product development, technical support, and software training, BSD also provides custom software engineering and consulting within our industry boundaries. If you have a need for construction-related software, we may be able to provide the solution.

Prior to moving into commercial software development, BSD developed software products for the Federal government for over 15 years. BSD developed the highly successful MCACES software which is still used by the Corps of Engineers and the Department of Defense for detailed estimating. We also developed the original Historical Analysis Generator software for the Corps, as well as the Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC) system, and our BSD CostLink/CM still supports data exchange with DOD and Corps of Engineers MCACES Gold formatted projects.


CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS INSTITUTE:  BSD and the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) have long maintained a strategic alliance to promote innovative construction industry software. In the Fall of 2010, BSD was acquired by CSI.

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS: Successful building projects require collaboration between strong partners.  Building Systems Design is a Cornerstone Partner with AIA and works with the organization to promote the full line of BSD SoftLink products to its members (over 80,000).

AUTODESK:  Autodesk provides proven 3D design creation software solutions for a variety of industries.  As an Autodesk Authorized Developer, BSD creates BIM interoperability software that allows BSD SpecLink-E customers to integrate specifications automatically with a BIM created in Autodesk Revit.

MICROSOFT:  Gold Certified Partners are the top level of Microsoft solutions partners. BSD is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and uses Microsoft SQL Server as the foundation for SpecLink-E and LinkMan-E. 

SUBMITTAL EXCHANGE:  Building Systems Design and Submittal Exchange formed a strategic partnership for joint marketing of BSD SpecLink-E and Submittal Exchange™, the primary products of the two companies.  Under the cooperative marketing agreement, each company includes information about the other company on its website and promotes the other in periodic newsletters, email communications to customers, and various other media.

BUILDSITE:  BuildSite provides a single source of product information to the construction industry worldwide. The BuildSite database features over 20,000 products from more than 350 manufacturers, along with a Distributor Directory of over 800 locations. The website allows design professionals to find detailed product information as they are making final design decisions, and it allows contractors and subcontractors to quickly find products that comply with the design professional’s specifications during the bidding and construction phases. BSD and BuildSite are working closely to integrate their applications to permit closer collaboration between the parties. Click here for more information about BuildSite.

RSMEANS:  RSMeans is widely recognized as the leading provider of cost data for constructions professionals. BSD CostLink/AE provides quick, easy, and modifiable cost estimates using built-in RS Means cost data.

IHSIHS is the preeminent organization for managing standards, regulations and related publications from professional societies, trade associations, international and national standardization and regulatory bodies and government and military sources.  BSD SpecLink software includes thousands of hyperlinks to IHS’s website, providing information about reference standards included in BSD SpecLink and offering the opportunity to purchase the standards in IHS’s online store.

TCA:  In a continuing effort to enhance and increase benefits available to its membership, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) embarked on a relationship with Building Systems Design.  TCA now endorses BSD SpecLink®'s Section 03470 as a favorable Tilt-Up specification guide and provides assistance in the maintenance and updating of future releases.