BSD Keynote Management Tool Improves Revit Functionality

December 6, 2011

Atlanta, GA – Building Systems Design, Inc. (BSD) today announced availability of the latest version of its groundbreaking BIM interoperability tool, BSD LinkMan-E®. Designed to work with all recent releases of Autodesk’s Revit® software, LinkMan connects a Revit project with its corresponding specifications in BSD SpecLink, displaying any discrepancies and allowing the user to activate missing specification text based on data from Revit. The newest LinkMan incorporates a keynote tab that allows users to manage and assign keynotes for a Revit project in a much more efficient and effective manner than is possible through the use of Revit alone.

Keynotes are short notations intended for use on construction drawings — especially drawing details — that take the place of verbose, sometimes conflicting or contradictory ad hoc notes. They typically consist of a specification section number in combination with a short suffix, so the contractor is referred both to a numerically organized legend on the drawings and to the appropriate specification sections for more detail. Most architecture and engineering firms have traditionally not made use of keynotes, despite their advantages, because of the absence of any standards, problems with training staff and maintaining the necessary discipline, and the lack of software that is robust and flexible enough to manage them effectively. The new BSD LinkMan-E is changing that equation.

In LinkMan-E, a new keynote tab provides multiple functions that complement the functionality available within Revit:  1) the tab displays any keynotes already in use within the Revit project;  2) master keynotes already assigned to Revit elements in the LinkMan database and connected to corresponding text in SpecLink are offered as suggestions adjacent to those imported from Revit;  3) the Revit keynotes can be easily edited or replaced by the master keynotes, either one at a time or globally; and 4) an import feature allows any “office master” keynotes to be merged with those already present on the tab.  When the user has completed any desired keynote changes within LinkMan, a command in the Revit Add-In for LinkMan imports and automatically assigns the keynotes to the appropriate Revit elements. Keynotes already placed in the Revit project are automatically replaced by any edited keynotes through the import process.

The import and replace capability for keynotes provided by LinkMan is far more efficient than the one-by-one assignment capability provided within Revit. In addition, properly edited keynotes are automatically coordinated with the corresponding specification sections in BSD SpecLink. This LinkMan functionality complements the keynote placement and legend generation functionality provided by the Revit software. Together, LinkMan and Revit make efficient and effective use of keynoting possible for the first time.

About BSD:  Building Systems Design has offered innovative software tools for the architecture, architectural engineering, and construction markets since 1983. The company creates and supports advanced cost estimating, specification writing, and interoperability products that are used for tens of thousands of projects annually.

Robert Epstein
Building Systems Design, Inc.