BSD Announces Keynote Management Tool

September 2, 2011

Atlanta, GA – Building Systems Design, Inc. (BSD) today announced the release of a new version of its groundbreaking BIM interoperability tool, BSD LinkMan-E. Designed to work with all recent releases of Autodesk’s Revit software, the new LinkMan now incorporates a tab that allows users to import, edit, and connect keynotes to Revit objects while simultaneously linking the objects to specifications in BSD SpecLink-E. A unique master keynote has been assigned to each of the thousands of products and assemblies in the LinkMan database, all of which have been linked to appropriate sections and paragraphs in BSD SpecLink-E. Objects in Revit have also been linked to the same LinkMan database, which permits LinkMan to display any discrepancies between a Revit project model and the corresponding project specifications in SpecLink – or to update the specifications automatically, based on the Revit data.

The new keynote tab in LinkMan allows users to import a file from Revit that displays all keynotes currently present in the Revit model. These keynotes are displayed adjacent to the corresponding master keynotes in LinkMan. The Revit keynotes can be edited or deleted in LinkMan, and LinkMan’s master keynotes can be copied individually to the Revit file or copied in total to any blank fields in the Revit file with a single click. The Revit user can then import this edited keynote file from LinkMan and assign it to the project. Any edited keynotes will automatically replace any that are currently in use in the Revit model, and all the additional LinkMan master keynotes will be available for use in the project.

The keynote concept was developed by pioneering architects Jim Freehof and Duke Guzey in the 1980’s, as part of a document management system they called CONDOC. Keynotes are short, standardized alphanumeric descriptors that are frequently used to annotate details on construction drawings. They typically comprise a five- or six-digit number corresponding to a related specification section, with an alphanumeric suffix of two or three characters. A legend on the drawings is then created that lists these keynotes numerically, together with an explanation of each. Keynotes offer the advantage of minimizing text on the drawings, standardizing the notes, and directing the contractor to the appropriate specification sections for further detail on the objects noted.

Not all architectural and engineering firms currently use keynotes, in part because their proper use requires a certain amount of discipline. The new BSD LinkMan-E, however, now offers designers a software tool that makes the proper use of keywords much easier, while simultaneously assuring that the specifications are properly coordinated with the drawings.

About BSD:  
Building Systems Design has offered innovative software tools for the architecture, architectural engineering, and construction markets since 1983. The company creates and supports advanced cost estimating, specification writing, and interoperability products that are used for tens of thousands of projects annually. BSD was acquired by The Construction Specifications Institute in 2010. www.bsdsoftlink,com.