BSD Announces Release of Water and Wastewater Equipment Specification Sections

June 15, 2015

Atlanta, Georgia – Building Systems Design, Inc. (BSD) today announced the initial publication of 43 specification sections that are part of a planned Division 46 — Water and Wastewater Equipment catalog scheduled for completion by the end of the year. A total of 57 sections are anticipated, and the first 43 have been released in preliminary form to gain feedback from BSD SpecLink-E customers. Initially, the sections will be included in the comprehensive and mechanical/electrical/ plumbing (MEP) catalogs. When the collection has been finalized late in the year, a new catalog will be created that will let customers limit a subscription specifically to the water and wastewater equipment sections or combine it with other catalogs.

The new sections will expand the total count of guide specifications in BSD SpecLink-E to over 700 – or almost 2,000 sections when considering the fact that most of them can be automatically compressed to produce outline and short form specifications from the same data. BSD SpecLink-E is built on a relational database, rather than word processing files, and BSD has built into the database over 180,000 “intelligent links” that help edit project specifications based on decisions made by the user. This linking feature significantly improves productivity by automatically including related requirements, highlighting possibilities, and excluding incompatible options. For example, full citations for the latest reference standards are automatically included in a section whenever the user selects a product or installation procedure that requires adherence to a standard, and installation requirements are automatically included whenever a specific equipment type is selected.

New subscribers to the comprehensive and MEP catalogs in BSD SpecLink-E will have access to the water and wastewater equipment sections once they have downloaded and installed SpecLink-E and available updates from the BSD website. Current subscribers to those catalogs will have immediate access to the dozens of sections included in this new release through the product’s automatic updating feature. Continuous, on-line data updates have replaced quarterly database releases, allowing customers maximum flexibility. BSD’s new system lets users choose to have updates downloaded as frequently as daily – but not less often than quarterly – or to download and apply all available updates to the master database whenever they wish. This new approach assures BSD customers that they will have the very latest information available whenever they start a new project.

About BSD:  Building Systems Design has offered innovative software tools for the architecture, architectural engineering, and construction markets of North America since 1983. The company creates and supports advanced cost estimating, specification writing, and interoperability products that are used nationwide for over fifteen thousand commercial, institutional, and industrial projects annually. BSD was acquired by The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) in 2010.