Section 323223 - Segmental Retaining Walls specifies retaining walls constructed of modular concrete masonry units, fabric soil reinforcement, and controlled fill, with the Contractor responsible for engineering.

The term "segmental" refers to the fact that this type of wall is not monolithic but instead made of "segments" laid without mortar, relying on gravity and shear resistance to resist overturning. The unit designs are usually patented and licensed to local manufacturers; the licensor usually provides a computer assistance for designing typical applications.

This existing SLE Section has been improved in many ways.

This Section was peer-reviewed by a professional engineer specializing in mechanically-stabilized earth retaining wall systems, and changes to the design and material requirements implemented.

Allowances and Unit Prices have been added to the Section as price and payment options, as well as stricter manufacturer qualifications, field conditions, and warranty requirements. Also, field quality control and maintenance requirements were added to the execution language.

Now the user now has the option of choosing the Federal Highway Administration mechanically-stabilized earth retaining wall design standard as well as one published by the National Concrete Masonry Association.