The first release will include eight (8) Sections with most of the content dedicated to HVAC Controls with emphasis on the latest technologies such as BACnet ready devices.

These Sections will address typical controller, instrumentation and actuating device needs for both commercial and industrial HVAC applications. Content was developed to reduce the current effort applied to specify controls solutions currently located under Division 23 and other divisions.

The second release will include seven (7) Sections with content dedicated to electrical monitoring of Division 26 furnished systems using meters, power quality analyzers, and other monitoring devices. Also content will list analyzing software or EIS (energy information systems) which are gaining popularity as a solution for owners looking to benchmark their facilities with the goal to integrate into the smart grid.

Future Sections will expand on integrated automation software, laboratory airflow controls, controls commissioning, and network backbone content which includes IT-products such as servers, computers, and inter-related components.

Section 281523 - Intercom Entry Systems.

These systems may be audio-video or audio-only and generally consist of door/entry stations located at secure access points that communicate with interior stations in order for visitors to be granted access.

Fire Alarm Systems Update

Look for significant updates to Section 284600-Fire Detection and Alarm including substantial reorganization.