Section 05 1213 - Architecturally-Exposed Structural Steel Framing is a new Section for architecturally-exposed structural steel (AESS) based on AISC 303-defined categories.
AISC 303 - Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges, Table 10.1, defines AESS by category. Each AESS category is based on workmanship and finishing requirements. The requirements of each category are successively more detailed and costly.
These categories include:
  • Basic Elements: AESS workmanship requirements that exceed those for non-exposed structural steel.
  • Feature Elements: AESS workmanship that exceeds the basic element requirements, but intended to let the viewer to see the structural nature of the element. Standards include overall geometry; enhanced treatment of bolts, welds, connections; and tighter tolerances for gaps, copes and similar details. Feature element standards also include the requirement for a mock-up as the standard for design professional approval of the work.
  • Showcase Elements: AESS workmanship for elements where the designer intends that only the form is visible. All welds ground and filled, all edges are ground square and true, and all surfaces are filled and sanded to glove smoothness. Tolerances for showcase elements are more stringent. Showcase elements also require a mock-up.
  • Custom Elements: AESS fabricated and finished to custom requirements defined in the contract documents.

This new Section contains extensive notes about specifying AESS, and hyperlinks within the notes connect the user to reference standard source documents and other specifying resources.