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TECHLITE Insulation has been supplying factory jacketed insulation systems for maintaining critical process temperatures, freeze protection and noise control for more than 50 years.

We manufacture and supply efficient systems for pipe, tank, vessel, and duct insulation for commercial, industrial, military, high-tech and clean room applications. We specialize in TECHLITE melamine foam insulation: a durable, high-temperature, lightweight, open-cell foam. It is cost effective to install, user friendly, and environmentally safe: no CFCs are used in our manufacturing.

Additionally, there are no carcinogens, fibers or toxins. TECHLITE Insulation products are safe for use in all types of environments and is a preferred solution for sanitary and cleanroom insulation needs. No special personal safety gear is needed to install and there are no disposal problems with waste material.

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TECHLITE Acoustics is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of melamine foam acoustical products. Unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide custom solutions for virtually any sound attenuation application.

With partner facilities in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, China and Japan, we can provide those solutions efficiently and cost effectively anywhere in the world.

As an open-cell foam, melamine is durable, lightweight, easy to install, fiber-free and environmentally friendly. Our CNC cutting capabilities allow us to design and create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and acoustically appropriate. This allows designers, architects, acoustics consultants and building owners to design buildings that look as beautiful as they sound.

Contact Information:

Jason Monczka, Global Sales and Business Development Manager, 800-922-5252