LinkLine: Spring 2016

Changes to the Choice Dialog Box

With the Spring 2016 release of SLE, the dialog box used to create and edit choices has changed considerably. No longer accessed from the Insert tab, it is now one of three new “Flyout” panels. (The other two are the Project Notes editor/viewer and the Reference Standards panel.) Flyout panels can stay in their default location always, or they can be “unpinned” by clicking on the pushpin on the top right corner of the panel so they will disappear when you are not using them and will reappear when you float your cursor over the tab indicating the panel location. Alternatively, you can double-click on any of the flyout panels to allow it to float in a separate movable window from the rest of the application. No matter which configuration you prefer, your settings will be saved when you exit and restart SLE.


Creating a New Choice

To create a new choice, you have to be in a section. You may want to pin the choice dialog box while you are working with it, so that it doesn’t disappear when you click on something else. Click on the New Choice button, select the Choice Group Type and then click on Insert. The next steps will depend upon the choice type you are adding. (See the online help for detailed instructions.) While creating your choice, click on Add after making changes to each Current Option. The biggest change in the process is that choices are now dragged and dropped into the intended paragraph, rather than having to click on the exact location of the choice first. You can drag and drop a choice onto a BSD master paragraph and it will automatically create a user version of the paragraph that you can edit. Once you have created the choice you want, you simply drag the Drag icon and drop it on the exact location where the choice should be. If you drop it in the wrong location, Undo will remove it. You can drag and drop the same new choice into as many paragraphs as you like.

Adding an RS to a Multiple Choice

In the four Multiple Choice types of choices, you can add RS Citations to a choice. Simply drag and drop the citation from the Reference Standards flyout panel on the right of the application into the Choice Options box in your new choice. Note that the choice appears with <| |> around it, to indicate that it is an RS link. With the choice highlighted in the Choice Options list, you can add text to the choice in the Current Option field, clicking on Add to save the edit. Once the choice is dropped into your section, the full reference standard will be copied into the Reference Standards article, if there is a Reference Standards article title tagged as RT. When that choice is selected in the Document Panel, the appropriate RS paragraph in the RS article will be activated by a green link.


Copying a choice

With the new release of SLE, you can now copy existing master or user choices into other paragraphs. This works for all choice types except Global choices and fill-in-the-blanks. To copy a choice, have the choice dialog box open and click twice on the choice (in the Document Panel) you want to copy. The choice will appear in the choice dialog box. Use the Drag icon to drop it onto any other paragraph(s).

Editing an existing choice

To make a change to a choice in a master paragraph, you need to make an edit to the master paragraph so that there is a user version of the paragraph. After highlighting the choice in the dialog box, click on the specific choice you want to change in the Choice Options box. Make the change and then click on the Add button to save the change to that line. You can add a new choice by clicking on Add, adding the text to the Current Option Line and then clicking on Add again. To remove a choice option, highlight the choice in the Choice Options box and click on Remove. The order of the choices can be changed with the Move Up and Move Down buttons. When done making changes, click on Save.

To remove a choice from a paragraph in the Document Panel, click on the choice and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.
For complete instructions on creating, editing and using choices, see the online Help or SLE user documentation.