LinkLine:  Spring 2016

BSD Customer Case Study:  SpecLink-E's Linking Saves Evan Terry Associates Serious Time

Evan Terry Associates, P.C., is a firm dedicated to providing their clients with highly professional architectural services. Their reputation, built over the last 47 years, is one of excellent service, quality design and commitment to their client’s interest.

Evan Terry Associates


Their design philosophy, based on a client-oriented approach, is to create solutions that exhibit the functional and aesthetic concerns and wishes of the owner. These solutions are developed to answer specific client needs with close client involvement throughout the process. A professional attitude, attention to detail, and maintaining schedules and budgets are all priorities at Evan Terry Associates.

While the firm works on a variety of project types, they have concentrated on some selected specialties and developed an expertise in healthcare, education, recreation and sports facilities. Their capabilities include programming, feasibility studies, land planning, architectural services, space planning, energy conservation studies, and ADA facilities compliance consulting and surveying. The use of computers for both design and production of construction documents is integral to the way they do business.

Evan Terry Associates is committed to the “Universal Design” concept for facilities accessibility. Their architectural projects are designed to ensure access to buildings and facilities for all people, including those with disabilities. Their work with the ADA has gained the firm a nationwide reputation as one of the leaders in the field of accessible design.

The Need


The Need
In any automated specification writing process, the “master” document is where the specification writer normally starts. From this point they will add, delete or modify the various sections needed for the current project. Lawrence Hughey, Specifier, recalls, “We weren’t aware of it at the time, but our previous system was a much slower process.” Hughey knew that if he wanted to produce faster, more accurate documents, he needed to use SpecLink.

The Solution
Because creating accurate specifications was so important, the quarterly updates from SpecLink made a huge difference in their specification process. “With the old system, updating the master was exceedingly slow. Looking back, the referenced standards were generally more out of date. I am not aware of a more up-to-date specification system than SpecLink,” Hughey stated. He notes that time is important in this process, as well, “Updates now take 15 minutes, and they do not overwrite my changes. That means I don’t have to apply them selectively, which also saves time.”

Additional time is saved through the intelligent links in SpecLink. Hughey describes his process in this way:  “The linking feature is great. I generally start editing a section in Part 2 (Products), then move to Part 3 (Execution) and finish up in Part 1 (General). Once the products are identified, most of the rest of the work is done automatically by the intelligent links. And being able to add my own links helps save even more time.” Hughey estimates that his time savings are close to 50% using SpecLink.

The Outcome
Many of the types of projects Evan Terry Associates works on have special needs. Their recent work on a medical clinic called for a number of unique waterproofing/damp-proofing requirements. Modifying the Office Master to include these unique products and details was no problem.

Hughey recently joined Evan Terry Associates, and SpecLink was part of that decision-making process. He says, “Choosing which firm to join was easy. Especially when I learned that Evan Terry Associates was already a SpecLink user.” The decision has been a good one for both the firm and Hughey.