LinkLine: Spring 2016

Product Q & A


Q. Our company uses a font that is not in the default list of Windows fonts, but I do have the font installed on my PC. I can’t use this font in SpecLink-E. Why not?

A. SpecLink-E will recognize fonts installed on your PC. However, if SpecLink-E is installed on your server, you will also need to install the font on the server. Once you or your IT installs the font on both the server and the PC, you will be able to use it in SpecLink-E.

Q. Can I change the section number and title of sections in SpecLink-E?

A. New with the Spring 2016 release, SpecLink-E will allow you to change both the section number and/or the section title of both user and master sections. To do this, make sure the section is checked in and closed; then, in the Project Tree, right-click on the section title and choose Change Section ID and Name from the pop-up menu. Type in the number and title you want, and click OK. The new number and title will change not only for this section, but everywhere in your project where this section is referred to when it is a blue or green Section ID global choice.

Q. I can’t find my Project Notes panel. Where are my Project Notes?

A. Beginning with the latest version of SpecLink-E, you now view, add, and edit Project Notes in the Project Notes fly-up menu at the bottom of the SpecLink-E screen. The Choices tab will be visible by default. Just click the Project Notes tab to see the notes. If you toggled the Auto Hide thumbtack to hide the Choices and Project Notes tabs, hover your mouse over the Project Notes tab and the fly-up will appear.


Q. I created a LinkMan-E group and connected my Revit project to it, but I only see two tabs instead of 6. Where did the other tabs go?

A. LinkMan-E defaults to a basic view which only shows the Products Dashboard and the Revit Project tab. To toggle to (or, turn on) the other tabs, click the Advanced button on the View tab. You can toggle between the Basic and Advanced view any time.

Q. Is there a way to see which of my elements and materials in Revit have a link to a LinkMan-E product or assembly?

A. There is. Suppose you have a Revit model where you have first either copied or added elements and materials to the Revit project file. Usually you won’t have all elements and materials placed into your model. When you Update LinkMan-E Data from your Revit project and Refresh in LinkMan-E, most users focus on the active items in the Revit Project and Revit Materials tabs. However, if you change the filter under Applications, Autodesk Revit, to “Show All Types” you will now see all of the elements and materials you have added to your Revit project file. The active ones show in a lighter background, and the ones not placed in the model are shown grayed out. Both the Revit Project and Revit Materials tabs have a Linked column. If the element or material is linked to a LinkMan-E product or assembly, it will have a checkmark in the Linked column. If you would like your “master” elements and materials to have a link, ready for the day when you use them on a model, you can add the links now. Any links you add will be retained in the LinkMan-E database for future use, so you’ll only have to do this once.


Q. I have some questions on the costs in the estimate and the assemblies in the models. Whom should I contact?

A. Your subscription to BSD CostLink/AE includes the current RS Means cost data in the AE Assemblies database and the Building Construction Cost Data database. RS Means stands behind its publications. If you have any questions about your estimate, about the costs you’ve used from their data, or even about the technical aspects of the job that may affect your estimate, feel free to call the RS Means editors at 1-800-334-3509.

Software Support

Q. I receive courtesy calls and courtesy emails once in a while from BSD. What is the purpose of these?

A. We value input from our customers. These courtesy calls give you an opportunity to let us know what you like or would like to see improved with SpecLink-E and LinkMan-E. The feedback is not limited to only you; all users of BSD software at your company are welcome to submit comments and suggestions to Tech Support.