LinkLine: Spring 2016

New and Revised Sections

Section 08 1174 – Sliding Metal Grilles

This new section includes laterally sliding grilles suspended from an overhead track, and manually operated with a push or a pull, or for taller grilles with a pull strap. These grilles consist of vertical panels that vary in width; narrow, standard, and wide. The grill panels may be linked together with simple metal rods that are configured in various ways, such as the vertical spacing on the grill, and with either a straight or staggered horizontal arrangement. With use of metal rods the grilles are typically open from one side to the other. Other options available include panels filled with glass, polycarbonate, and solid or perforated sheets of steel or aluminum. These sliding metal grilles can run straight from wall to wall to enclose the mall opening of a retail space, or curve around a corner with bi-parting posts and slide into pockets to visually contain the grilles during open hours.

Section 26 0924:LUT3 - Lighting Controls - Lutron Vive

This new section includes wireless lighting controls utilizing centralized wireless hubs featuring basis of design products from Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.

System components include:

  • Wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors.
  • Wireless daylight sensors.
  • Wireless load control modules.
  • Wired wall dimmers and switches with wireless communication.
  • Wireless control stations.
  • Fluorescent electronic dimming ballasts.
  • LED drivers.
  • Power interfaces.
  • Digital dimming ballast modules.
  • Wireless hubs for centralized control, monitoring, and system integration.

Revised Section 26 2419 - Motor Control Centers

This section has been almost entirely revised to include updated and expanded information. Part 1 includes the new article “ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS”. The existing Part 2 articles “DESCRIPTION”, “AUTOMATIC CONTROLLERS”, “ACCESSORIES”, “DISCONNECTS”, and “SURGE PROTECTIVE DEVICES” have been deleted and associated content has been relocated to new articles "MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS”, “MOTOR CONTROL CENTER UNITS”, “MOTOR CONTROL ACCESSORIES”, and “OVERCURRENT PROTECTIVE DEVICES”. The section also includes new content for arc-resistant motor control centers. Part 3 includes new articles “ADJUSTING”, “CLEANING”, “CLOSEOUT ACTIVITIES”, and “PROTECTION”, while existing article “PREPARATION” has been removed. The section also includes extensive new master note content featuring a link to a new supporting document, which specifiers should find very helpful when editing.