LinkLine: Spring 2016

MasterFormat 2016 and SpecLink-E

The release of MasterFormat 16 and the latest release of SpecLink-E are major milestones and BSD is already in the process of conforming the BSD Master to MasterFormat 2016.  

SLE’s new functionality for updating BSD Section numbers/section titles by both BSD and Users supports MasterFormat’ s two year section maintenance update cycle and User preferred Section numbers/titles.

BSD actively participates in MasterFormat development by proposing additions and revisions that benefit the specifying industry, and through representation on CSI’s MasterFormat Maintenance Task Team. MasterFormat 2016 updates include 17 approved proposals submitted by BSD’s spec writing professionals.

BSD has completed our review of the changes brought about by MF16 and here is the approach we will be pursuing:

With the new flexibility in section numbering provided in the latest release, users have the option to conform their office masters and projects to MF 16 ahead of BSD's changes, on an as-needed basis.

BSD does not have plans to deviate from our established medium scope and broad scope section content because our approach offers the greatest flexibility and efficiency in use.  This organization also avoids unnecessary duplication of Part 1 (administrative) language that would occur across many narrow-scope sections, and reduces the amount of coordination and cross-referencing required among sections.