LinkLine: Spring 2016

LinkLine: Spring 2016

Changes to the Choice Dialog Box

With the Spring 2016 release of SLE, the dialog box used to create and edit choices has changed considerably. No longer accessed from the Insert tab, it is now one of three new “Flyout” panels. (The other two are the Project Notes editor/viewer and the Reference Standards panel.) Flyout panels can stay in their default location always, or they can be “unpinned” by clicking on the pushpin on the top right corner of the panel so they will disappear when you are not using them and will reappear when you float your cursor over the tab indicating the panel location. Alternatively, you can double-click on any of the flyout panels to allow it to float in a separate movable window from the rest of the application. No matter which configuration you prefer, your settings will be saved when you exit and restart SLE.


LinkLine: Spring 2016

Major Changes to How Reference Standards Work in SpecLink-E

With the Spring 2016 release of SLE (8.0), the reference standards (RS) will be handled in a completely different manner that will affect both new and old projects. Rather than have the same standard listed in multiple sections (causing duplicate work and possible errors) reference standards will now be pulled from a table where each standard is listed only once. The reference standards look different now, as shown below. If there is a hyperlink within the standard, that part will be displayed in blue with an underline (requiring a Control+Click to open the hyperlink location). If there is no hyperlink, the entire reference will be in green, indicating that it may not be edited in the Document Panel. Users will no longer be able to make any edits to any BSD master RS paragraphs. If an edit is needed, users will use the Reference Standard Manager on the Data tab, where they can either copy an existing RS or create one of their own. Once the new RS is created, it can then be added to a section by dragging and dropping it into the appropriate location in the section from the new Reference Standards panel on the right side of the Document Panel, as shown below.

LinkLine: Spring 2016

New In SpecLink-E:  Compotite Corporation Introduces Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Collection of Linear Drain Grates

Compotite FLWF

Compotite Corporation, a pioneer in the shower waterproofing industry since 1938, proudly introduces its new line of Architectural Design Linear Drain Grates entitled “The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Collection.”

The three new patterns are for installation with the Compotite Linear Drain Body which was debuted at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2016 in Las Vegas, January 19-21, 2016.

The high quality, American made, Linear Drain System adds modern style and functionality to any custom tile or stone shower installation.

LinkLine:  Spring 2016

BSD Customer Case Study:  SpecLink-E's Linking Saves Evan Terry Associates Serious Time

Evan Terry Associates, P.C., is a firm dedicated to providing their clients with highly professional architectural services. Their reputation, built over the last 47 years, is one of excellent service, quality design and commitment to their client’s interest.

Evan Terry Associates


Their design philosophy, based on a client-oriented approach, is to create solutions that exhibit the functional and aesthetic concerns and wishes of the owner. These solutions are developed to answer specific client needs with close client involvement throughout the process. A professional attitude, attention to detail, and maintaining schedules and budgets are all priorities at Evan Terry Associates.

While the firm works on a variety of project types, they have concentrated on some selected specialties and developed an expertise in healthcare, education, recreation and sports facilities. Their capabilities include programming, feasibility studies, land planning, architectural services, space planning, energy conservation studies, and ADA facilities compliance consulting and surveying. The use of computers for both design and production of construction documents is integral to the way they do business.

Evan Terry Associates is committed to the “Universal Design” concept for facilities accessibility. Their architectural projects are designed to ensure access to buildings and facilities for all people, including those with disabilities. Their work with the ADA has gained the firm a nationwide reputation as one of the leaders in the field of accessible design.

LinkLine: Spring 2016

SpecLink-E Automates User-Added Reference Standards, Adds Section Numbering Flexibility and New Reports

In conjunction with the annual convention of the American Institute of Architects being held this week in Philadelphia, Building Systems Design, Inc. (BSD) today announced a new version of BSD SpecLink-E, its construction specifications software that now automates the global management and updating of thousands of reference standards, including those that have been added by its users.

Because SpecLink is based on a relational database rather than word processing files, all construction standards referenced in the over 10,000 pages of master guide specifications are now included only once in a single table that is centrally managed. When a citation for a specific standard is needed in the text to help specify a particular type of product or installation requirement, a unique marker causes the citation to be displayed from the global table. This process allows the same standard to be employed in many locations within the database without actually repeating the text and possibly introducing errors. The central location of the standard citations also simplifies the updating process and assures that all mentions of a particular standard will be consistent within a project.

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Product Q & A


Q. Our company uses a font that is not in the default list of Windows fonts, but I do have the font installed on my PC. I can’t use this font in SpecLink-E. Why not?

A. SpecLink-E will recognize fonts installed on your PC. However, if SpecLink-E is installed on your server, you will also need to install the font on the server. Once you or your IT installs the font on both the server and the PC, you will be able to use it in SpecLink-E.

Q. Can I change the section number and title of sections in SpecLink-E?

A. New with the Spring 2016 release, SpecLink-E will allow you to change both the section number and/or the section title of both user and master sections. To do this, make sure the section is checked in and closed; then, in the Project Tree, right-click on the section title and choose Change Section ID and Name from the pop-up menu. Type in the number and title you want, and click OK. The new number and title will change not only for this section, but everywhere in your project where this section is referred to when it is a blue or green Section ID global choice.

New in SpecLink-E: 

York Flashings introduces a full line of Flexible Stainless Steel flashings for Division 4 and 7.


LinkLine: Spring 2016

New and Revised Sections

Section 08 1174 – Sliding Metal Grilles

This new section includes laterally sliding grilles suspended from an overhead track, and manually operated with a push or a pull, or for taller grilles with a pull strap. These grilles consist of vertical panels that vary in width; narrow, standard, and wide. The grill panels may be linked together with simple metal rods that are configured in various ways, such as the vertical spacing on the grill, and with either a straight or staggered horizontal arrangement. With use of metal rods the grilles are typically open from one side to the other. Other options available include panels filled with glass, polycarbonate, and solid or perforated sheets of steel or aluminum. These sliding metal grilles can run straight from wall to wall to enclose the mall opening of a retail space, or curve around a corner with bi-parting posts and slide into pockets to visually contain the grilles during open hours.

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An Overview of Motor Controls

By Joe I. Moreland, PE, CSI (GA PE#26321)

Motor Controllers/Motor Starters and Their Various Forms

Motor controllers are defined in NFPA 70 (NEC) as “any switch or device that is normally used to start and stop a motor by making and breaking the motor circuit current.” The controller might utilize manual or automatic means to start and stop the motor and might also perform other supplementary functions including:

  • Providing motor overload protection and/or motor branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protection.
  • Allowing for selection of forward or reverse motor rotation.
  • Allowing for selection of multiple motor speeds.
  • Allowing for motor jogging or inching, which provide for momentary motor operation for the purposes of performing small movements.
  • Allowing for motor plugging, which provides for momentary reversal of motor rotation for the purposes of braking.

Motor starters are a form of motor controller that include the switching means necessary for starting and stopping the motor in combination with overload protection.

LinkLine: Spring 2016

About Your SpecLink-E Updates

Sections in Each Catalog

  • Design Criteria Catalog -- 145
  • A = Architectural -- 483
  • S = Structural -- 192
  • C = Civil -- 247
  • L = Landscape -- 192
  • M = Mechanical / Electrical -- 402
  • Comprehensive -- 746

LinkLine: Spring 2016

MasterFormat 2016 and SpecLink-E

The release of MasterFormat 16 and the latest release of SpecLink-E are major milestones and BSD is already in the process of conforming the BSD Master to MasterFormat 2016.  

SLE’s new functionality for updating BSD Section numbers/section titles by both BSD and Users supports MasterFormat’ s two year section maintenance update cycle and User preferred Section numbers/titles.

BSD actively participates in MasterFormat development by proposing additions and revisions that benefit the specifying industry, and through representation on CSI’s MasterFormat Maintenance Task Team. MasterFormat 2016 updates include 17 approved proposals submitted by BSD’s spec writing professionals.

LinkLine: Spring 2016

Our Featured Manufacturers:

BSD gives building product manufacturers the opportunity to explain to SpecLink users the advantages of their products. The spring 2016 update adds or expands the listings of nine featured manufacturers.

The following is a complete list of new and featured manufacturers in the spring 2016 update:

Founded in 1955, Gaco Western remains today a family-owned business with its roots in technology and product innovation. Today, Gaco Western coatings and spray foam insulation cover millions of square feet of commercial and residential buildings around the world, earning a trusted reputation in the construction industry as a producer of best-of-class waterproofing and insulation solutions. New Gaco Western coating products can now be found in Sections 07 1400 - Fluid-Applied Waterproofing and 07 1800 - Traffic Coatings, as well as spray insulation products in Section 07 2119 - Foamed-In-Place Insulation.