LinkLine: Spring 2014

SpecLink Addresses 2014 NEC Changes 

By Joe I. Moreland, PE, CSI (GA PE#26321)

As part of BSD's strict policy to keep Referenced Standards up to date, a thorough evaluation of the new 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) was performed. The following changes led us to issue SpecLink updates so that your specifications will be ready when jurisdictions begin adopting this new edition:

Other Notable Changes

The following is a sampling of other changes that did not directly affect SpecLink but may be of interest to you:

Of course there are many changes not listed here. A publication like NFPA's "Analysis of Changes" series can be a useful tool for sorting through the changes to identify requirements that impact your projects.

Another useful tool, often overlooked, is SpecLink's master note content. There are many references to specific portions of the NEC to point you toward requirements relevant to the decisions you make when writing specifications. Furthermore, when master text is added or revised as the direct result of an NEC change, the master note usually includes a summary of the new requirement, and where to find it. Consequently, it is entirely possible that the first place you will hear about a new NEC requirement is through your SpecLink subscription.