LinkLine:Spring 2014

New Section Synopses

Section 09 7733 — Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Panels

This specification covers glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) panel "skins" only, not laminated to gypsum board, plywood, or other material, for both wall and ceiling applications.  Products are manufactured with Class A or Class C fire-ratings and are intended for use in areas needing a durable, easily cleaned surface.  FRP panels should be adhered to a solid substrate, and are available in both utilitarian and decorative panel designs.  FRP ceiling suspension grids and trim can also be specified in this section for projects needing a complete system.


Major Revisions To Sections

Section 27 1005 — Structured Cabling for Voice and Data -- Inside-Plant

This section has been substantially revised to include updated and expanded information. Part 1 includes new article "Administrative Requirements", and existing Part 1 article “Price and Payment Procedures” has been removed. Existing Part 1 article “Reference Standards” includes significant additions and revisions. Existing Part 2 article "Fiber Optic Cable and Adapters” has been renamed to “Fiber Optic Cable and Interconnecting Devices”. Existing Part 2 article “Enclosures” has been deleted and content has been relocated to new articles “Communications Equipment Room Fittings”, “Communications Outlets”, “Grounding and Bonding”, and “Identification Products”. Content was revised to include additional cable options (CAT 6A for copper, OS2/OM3/OM4 for fiber). Also added new Part 2 article “Source Quality Control”.