LinkLine: Spring 2014

Our Featured Manufacturers: 

BSD gives building product manufacturers the opportunity to explain to SpecLink users the advantages of their products. The Spring 2014 update adds or expands the listings of fourteen featured manufacturers.

The following is a complete list of new and featured manufacturers in the Spring 2014 update:


3A Composites

3A Composites, manufacturers of Alucobond®, are headquartered in Statesville, NC and have been producing Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) for over 40 years. Alucobond products are suitable to a wide range of design applications, and can contribute towards LEED project certification. Products by this company can be found in Section 07 4264 – Metal Composite Material Wall Panels.

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Advanced Building Products 

Advanced Building Products (ABP) is a leading manufacturer of moisture protection products for the commercial and residential construction markets. ABP has over 100 years of experience in the masonry industry and grown from a thru-wall flashing manufacturer to a leader in entangled net products. Numerous products by ABP are referenced in Section 04 2000 – Unit Masonry, in addition to Section 07 1400 – Fluid-Applied Waterproofing and Section 07 4113 – Metal Roof Panels.

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Allegion helps keep people safe where they live, work and visit. Allegion specializes in security around the doorway and beyond: everything from residential and commercial locks, door closers and exit devices, steel doors and frames, to access control and workforce productivity systems. Allegion’s Steelcraft steel doors and frames are specified in Section 08 1113 – Hollow Metal Doors and Frames and Section 08 1213 – Hollow Metal Frames.

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Bayer MaterialScience

Bayer MaterialScience has maintained a leadership position for over 60 years in the innovation and quality production of extruded thermoplastic sheet products. MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet products are included in SpecLink Section 08 8000 – Glazing.

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Bilco Company

Bilco Company has been a building industry pioneer in the design and development of specialty access products for 85 years. Bilco – an ISO 9001 certified company – offers a complete line of roof hatches and automatic fire vents, specified in Section 07 7200 – Roof Accessories, and floor access doors specified in Section 08 3100 – Access Doors and Panels.

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Bristolite Daylighting Systems

Bristolite Daylighting Systems is a 44-year-old manufacturer of the highest quality daylighting solutions available today headquartered in Santa Ana, CA. Bristolite has a comprehensive and diverse line of products that may be found in the following specifications; Section 08 6200 – Unit Skylights, Section 08 6223 – Tubular Skylights and Section 08 6300 – Metal-Framed Skylights.

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CENDREX was founded in 1985, and is a leading manufacturer of a full range of quality access doors, floor and roof hatches. Given their commitment to the Japanese “Kaizen” philosophy that focuses upon continuous improvement, CENDREX has become the most flexible and accommodating company in its field. Their access products are specified in Section 08 3100 – Access Doors and Panels.

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Diamond Tech Tiles

Diamond Tech Tiles, is a subsidiary of the Daniels Corporation based in Tampa, Florida, and is an American based, customer-friendly company founded over 25 years ago. Since 2001, Diamond Tech Tiles passion for glass and mosaics has inspired beautiful and affordable glass, stone and metal tiles, that are specified in Section 09 3000 – Tiling.

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Encore Wire

Section 26 0519 – Low-Voltage Electrical Power Conductors and Cables now features products from Encore Wire. Since 1989, Encore Wire has built a reputation as being the industry leader in service, delivery and customer loyalty. Available products include:Single Conductor Building Wire:

Copper Residential Wire:

Service Entrance Cable:

Armored Cable:

Metal Clad Cable:

Tray Cables:

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Highline Products

Section 260537 – Boxes now features products from Highline Products.  Since 1967, HIGHLINE PRODUCTS, a subsidiary of MacLean Power Systems, has served the electric utility, commercial/industrial, CATV, Telephone and Fiber Optic markets by manufacturing a complete line of flush mount cable enclosures.

HIGHLINE PRODUCTS pull boxes and vaults:

CHA Series Fiberglass/Polymer Concrete Splice Box, Pull Box

PHA Series Straight Wall All-Polymer Concrete Splice Box, Pull Box

CVA Series Fiberglass/Polymer Concrete Splice Vault

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Metz Connect

Section 271005 – Structured Cabling for Voice and Data – Inside-Plant, which has been substantially revised and updated, now includes products from METZ CONNECT. The P|Cabling range of products from METZ CONNECT includes highly specified, internationally standardized and powerful connection components and connection systems in the copper and fiber optic techniques.Plugs & Jacks for Cabling:

Cables & Wires:

Wall Outlets:

Patch Panels:

Data Center Solutions:

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Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie has focused on creating structural products to build safer and stronger homes and commercial buildings for more than 50 years. Their commitment to product development, engineering, testing, and training is apparent in the consistent quality and delivery of their products and services. Numerous examples of Simpson Strong-Tie’s products are to be found in Section 05 4000 – Cold-Formed Metal Framing and Section 09 2216 – Non-Structural Metal Framing.

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Thermomass insulation systems are the most widely used and stringently tested sandwich wall insulation products in the industry today. They are recognized for their durability, energy-efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Thermomass’s non-composite (NC) and structurally composite (SC) sandwich wall insulation systems are each specified in Section 03 4100 – Precast Structural Concrete, Section 03 4500 – Precast Architectural Concrete, and Section 03 4713 – Tilt-Up Concrete.  

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VELUX America, Inc.

VELUX America, Inc. is the world leader in skylights and roof windows and has one of the strongest brands in the global building sector. Their products include durable venting roof hatch type skylights specified in Section 07 7200 – Roof Accessories, a variety of commercial and residential skylights are specified in Section 08 6200 – Unit Skylights, and numerous innovative tubular skylights are specified in Section 08 6223 – Tubular Skylights.

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