LinkLine: Spring 2014

Q & A: SpecLink-E

Q. Who can I talk to about content-related questions for the spec sections in SpecLink-E?
A. Our Specifiers’ Library is a good source of information about the content of our spec sections ( You can also contact our spec writers. To begin the process, click this survey link ( and provide the information requested.   One of our spec writers will contact you in response to your concerns.

Q. My Project Tree keeps collapsing. Is there a way to keep it fully expanded?
Yes. With a project open, click the Project Tree tab. Click the “Expand on Refresh” button in the Expand to Show group. This will help to keep the Project Tree expanded. However, if a particular function causes the Project Tree to collapse, simply click the Refresh Tree button on the ribbon to quickly expand the Project Tree again.

Q. SpecLink says my license is in use, but no one is currently in the program. How can I free up my license?
A. On the Tools tab, System Manager group, you will see a button labeled “Unlock Documents.” This will open a dialog that will show who at your company has sections checked out. Each user listed will have a license in use. This will allow you to coordinate with those individuals on when they will be finished with SpecLink-E, thereby freeing up a license for you to use. Note that if you unlock a document that someone else still has open, any further edits they attempt to make will be ignored by the system and will not be saved.

Q & A:  LinkMan-E

Q. I see that default Revit elements are pre-linked to the master LinkMan-E data. Is there a way to link my custom elements to the LinkMan-E data?
A. Yes, there are a few ways to link custom Revit elements to LinkMan-E data. One way is to link each Revit element to a LinkMan-E Assembly or Product after you have updated the Revit data to LinkMan-E. Instructions for doing this can be found in the online help and the user manual. Another way is to use the pre-linked Materials Library. Or you can use objects from BSD’s pre-linked Objects Catalog. For information on the Library and Catalog, and how to obtain and use them, click here.

Q. Do my LinkMan-E groups and data get backed up? How?
A. Yes, all LinkMan-E groups are backed up. In addition, any data you have added (user links, products, assemblies, keynotes) becomes part of your LinkMan-E database, is available for future LinkMan-E groups, and also gets backed up. LinkMan-E is backed up with your SpecLink-E database. The location and frequency of backups of SpecLink-E/LinkMan-E can be monitored in the SLE Support Utilities, which can be found on the same system where the server and database portions of these programs are installed.

Q & A:  SpecLink+

Q. I have upgraded to SpecLink-E, but I still have some SpecLink+ project content that I would like to reuse. How can I get these projects into SpecLink-E?
A. SpecLink-E has a command “Copy from SpecLink+” which can be found in the File menu. Simply click the button and follow the prompts to load the project into SpecLink-E. You can also contact Tech Support if you have any questions or concerns about copying SpecLink+ projects into SpecLink-E.

Q & A:  CostLink A/E

Q. What is the current version of CostLink/AE, and where can I find it?
A. Most BSD products are updated quarterly; however, CostLink/AE is updated only once a year, when RS Means provides the data to us. The latest version is 5.1 (Spring 2014), and is now available at our download center.

Q. How can I e-mail my CostLink/AE reports to someone who does not have AE?
A. Export the report(s) to a PDF file, Excel file, Word file, or Rich Text Format file. A few things to keep in mind:

To export your reports, Print Preview a report you would like to e-mail. In the Print Preview window, click the export report button on the toolbar. Choose PDF, Excel, Word, or Rich Text Format. Follow the onscreen directions, including entering a file name and location. Once the export is complete, you can e mail the exported file as an attachment.

Q & A:  Software Support

Q. What information should I include when I need to contact Tech Support for assistance?
A. We have a new questionnaire that is designed to assist in providing Tech Support with the information needed to better serve you. It can be found on our website at, For Customers, Technical Support, under E-mail Support. Or, you can click here. Simply click the link, fill in the requested information, and click Finish Survey. We will receive your request and respond with a timely solution.

More questions? Contact BSD Technical Support: