LinkLine: Spring 2014

LinkLine: Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014 

BSD SpecLink-E   

BSD’s move to continuous on-line updating for BSD SpecLink-E, originally scheduled to follow the previous quarterly release, was delayed due to a minor technical problem. As a result, the spring release includes all recent changes to the master database, and these will be installed automatically as part of the update. On-line, on-demand updating will begin very shortly after this release has been distributed. Our customers will be able to determine how frequently they want the master data updated and can specify the time of day the updates will be downloaded. Users will also be able to download all available updates at any time, by clicking an “Update Now” option.

In addition to the new updating capability, the latest version of SLE includes a number of small improvements or corrections, most of which have been implemented as a result of customer requests. For example, it is now possible to designate the top row of a table as a header, which means it will be duplicated at the top of the next page if a table is too long to fit on one page. Footers in new projects now include a table by default. The advantage of footer tables is that long section titles or other lengthy inserts will automatically wrap within a cell. There are also many other minor changes and improvements, most of which are discussed in the release notes.

LinkLine: Spring 2014

SpecLink Addresses 2014 NEC Changes 

By Joe I. Moreland, PE, CSI (GA PE#26321)

As part of BSD's strict policy to keep Referenced Standards up to date, a thorough evaluation of the new 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) was performed. The following changes led us to issue SpecLink updates so that your specifications will be ready when jurisdictions begin adopting this new edition:

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Our Featured Manufacturers: 

BSD gives building product manufacturers the opportunity to explain to SpecLink users the advantages of their products. The Spring 2014 update adds or expands the listings of fourteen featured manufacturers.

The following is a complete list of new and featured manufacturers in the Spring 2014 update:

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Chilled Beams 

By David P. Rebhuhn, PE (GA PE#32928), NCEES (#18079), CSI Member


Chilled beams are generally viewed as an alternative to a traditional, fan-driven, HVAC system. They are a convective cooling and/or heating device (2-pipe or 4-pipe) constructed of copper tubing and bonded to aluminum fins, housed in a sheet metal enclosure, and usually installed at ceiling level. There are 3 variations:

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About Your SpecLink-E and Linkman-E Updates

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BSD Customer Case Study: 
BSD SpecLink Helps Collins Architectural Group Save Time and Increase Productivity

Collins Architectural Group was formed with a commitment to providing responsive architectural services to Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon clients.

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New Section Synopses

Section 09 7733 — Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Panels

This specification covers glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) panel "skins" only, not laminated to gypsum board, plywood, or other material, for both wall and ceiling applications.  Products are manufactured with Class A or Class C fire-ratings and are intended for use in areas needing a durable, easily cleaned surface.  FRP panels should be adhered to a solid substrate, and are available in both utilitarian and decorative panel designs.  FRP ceiling suspension grids and trim can also be specified in this section for projects needing a complete system.


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Q & A: SpecLink-E

Q. Who can I talk to about content-related questions for the spec sections in SpecLink-E?
A. Our Specifiers’ Library is a good source of information about the content of our spec sections ( You can also contact our spec writers. To begin the process, click this survey link ( and provide the information requested.   One of our spec writers will contact you in response to your concerns.