BSD Customer Case Study: 
BSD SpecLink Guides Fitts Architects Through Technical Decisions With Ease

Fitts Architects is a 10 person full-service architectural firm located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Founded by James H. Fitts III in 1957, Fitts Architects is the oldest architectural practice in West Alabama.

FittsHis son Evans Fitts joined the firm in 1992. Together they head an energetic team of design professionals committed to creating designs of distinction and forming lasting relationships with their clients.

The goal of the firm is to provide innovative architectural and interior design services that meet their clients’ requirements. Fitts strives to satisfy by truly understanding the client’s needs, working closely with them to find exemplary solutions, and providing thorough design documentation and follow up on each project.

Fitts Architects’ work ranges from the design of individual buildings to the master planning of corporate and educational campuses to facility analyses. Their projects have included the design and construction of corporate facilities, banking institutions, government buildings, industrial buildings, public and private institutions, cultural and performing arts facilities, religious buildings, recreational and sports facilities, university buildings, and residential developments.

Fitts Architects believes that a successful building project requires a comprehensive design approach which carries through the entire project, addressing the client’s functional, aesthetic, and budgetary requirements. They strive to meet the specific architectural needs of their client, while improving the quality of the built environment for the community.

The Need:  The team at Fitts Architects understands that meeting clients’ needs is a good way to maintain business.  And exceeding those needs is a great way to increase business. To help them go “above and beyond” for their clients, they want to work with vendors who share their desire for excellence. This permeates every aspect of their business dealings – including their specification writing software.  

They seemed to be spending a disproportionate amount of time making decisions on the minute technical details of their specifications. They needed specification-writing software that would help manage this process for them. This efficiency would reduce the time they spent creating specifications, providing them with additional time to spend on other aspects of the project. They found what they needed in SpecLink.

The Solution:  In late 2000, when Evans Fitts took a look at SpecLink, he knew he had found the answer to their specification software needs. He says, “SpecLink automatically makes selections based on earlier decisions. The sections are consistent and comprehensive.” SpecLink became a repository for their knowledge, allowing for a one-time input of specification details – reducing the time Fitts and his staff spent on this. And their time-savings have been considerable. Fitts estimates that they have easily trimmed 60% off the time they spent on specification writing.  

Not only have they saved time, SpecLink has also helped them improve the consistency of their specifications. “The software is smart,” Fitts says, “The sections are coordinated internally so there is no conflicting information.”  This gives them the confidence to know that the information they have entered is interfacing with the correct corresponding sections, producing an accurate specification.

The Outcome: Another advantage that Fitts saw with using SpecLink was how easy it was to learn and how “user-friendly” it is.  Without any training classes, they were able to begin using the software within a day. The intuitiveness of SpecLink helped when Fitts was working on a project type that was different from those he was accustomed to working with. He states, “I was producing specifications for a roofing job - a project type that I was not very familiar with. SpecLink guided me through the technical decisions with ease.”