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Q. I have a long section name in my footer on the right that keeps wrapping to the next line and throwing off my format. How can I keep the name on the right?
A. Depending on how you have your header or footer set up, some of the keywords can contain long strings of text, such as long section names. This could disrupt the format of the header or footer in a variety of ways, such as pushing centered data (page number) off-center, or long section names wrapping to the next line and forcing subsequent lines of data down another line. The solution? Use a table in the header or footer. In the toolbar of the Customize Header/Footer dialog you will now find a Table button. By inserting a table, you can keep all data in a specific location, say left, centered, or right – and if any of the data wraps to another line, it will wrap within that cell and thereby preserve the layout of the header or footer. In fact, by default, new projects in SpecLink-E include tables in the First Page Footer and Body Footer tabs. You can use these tables as they are, or use the tools in the Table button to change the layout of the table. Don’t want to use a table? Just remove it, and edit the footer the way you normally would. What if you have an older project that does not have the table in the footer? You can add one using the Table button. Text and keywords can be entered into tables in the footer the same way as without using a table. To switch a Header/Footer from or to using a table, it might be easier to use the Remove Header/Footer button and start the Header/Footer from scratch.

Q. Where can I find the quarterly data updates to SpecLink-E content?
A. If you are on the latest version of SpecLink-E,, we have enabled the ability to update your BSD master database via online updating, rather than having to download the entire installation to get data updates. There is a new tab called Update BSD Master in the SLE Support Utilities application. You access the SLE Support Utilities either on the server if you have a network installation or on your local computer if you have a standalone installation. Go to Start, Programs, Building Systems Design, Inc., and right-click the SLE Support Utilities to run as administrator. In this tab, you can set the schedule for how often and on what days and times your system will check to see if we have posted any updates to the master. You must update your master at least once a quarter. If you want to check to see if there are any updates now, you can click Update Master Now and then OK. Your system will check our server for updates within the next 5 minutes. Note that this process does not affect your projects, only the master database. Once you have updated your master, then the next time you open a project, it will be compared to your newly updated master for changes, after which you are free to either accept the updates in your project or ignore them.

Q. Where can I find information about what SpecLink-E content has been updated?
A. A good start would be the Specifier’s Library on our website ( Here, among other information, you can find a list of new and replaced sections ( and our Newsletter, released quarterly, that contains additional information about content updates in SpecLink-E (

Q. I have a table that spans to a second page. How can I get the headings of my table to repeat automatically?
A. SpecLink-E now has a feature where you can designate one or more rows as a header row. After you create your table, select the row or rows that you want to repeat at the top of each page, and click the Make Header Row button on the Insert tab, Tables group. Keep in mind that the header row must include the top row of the table, and if it does include more than the top row, any additional rows must be directly below the top row. For more information, see the Help topic “Make Header Row.”


Q. Is there a way to see which of my elements and materials in Revit have a link to a LinkMan-E product or assembly?
A. There is. Suppose you have a Revit model where you have first either copied or added elements and materials to the project file. Usually you won’t have all elements and materials placed into your model. When you Update LinkMan-E Data from your Revit project and Refresh in LinkMan-E, most users focus on the active items in the Revit Project and Revit Materials tabs. However, if you change the filter under Applications, Autodesk Revit, to “Show All Types” you will now see all of the elements and materials you have added to your Revit project. The active ones show in a lighter background, and the ones not placed in the model are shown greyed out. Both the Revit Project and Revit Materials tabs have a Linked column. If the element or material is linked to a LinkMan-E product or assembly, each item will have a checkmark in the Linked column. If you would like your “master” elements and materials to have a link, ready for the day when you use them on a model, you can add the links now. Any links you add will be retained in the LinkMan-E database for future use, so you’ll only have to do this once.

Q. What resources are available for learning how to use LinkMan-E?
A. There are several options available for training on LinkMan-E. First, we have free 1-hour webinars to get you started on the basics of LinkMan-E. Click this link for the schedule and sign-up for our webinars. Next, we have a user manual available on our download center ( Paid training is available throughout the year, with a schedule of training on our website ( You can use the free Tech Support that comes with your subscription (by phone or e-mail) to get answers to your LinkMan-E questions. Finally, if you have purchased the BSD Revit Objects and Materials, these products come with instruction sheets and you can also call Tech Support if you have questions about them.
CostLink A/E

Q. I am trying to update an older estimate to the current CostLink data, but I am getting an error that the program is unable to locate the reference database for a particular year. How can I update my estimate without starting from scratch?
A. If you have been a CostLink customer for a few years, and you run into this situation, it is likely because you have received a new computer and have a fresh install of CostLink. A fresh install usually only includes the newest RS Means database that comes with CostLink. You will need to contact Technical Support to get the previous databases transferred to your PC. And remember, when updating estimates to newer years, you may want to copy the file first so the original is retained. Note also that only non-models can be updated to a new RS Means database. To update a model, see the instructions in the current release notes for CostLink AE.
Software Support

Q. What is the most effective way to get Tech Support assistance?
A. We provide several handy ways for you to benefit from the free Tech Support that comes with your subscription. If you are in SpecLink-E, go to the My Start Page and click the “Email Technical Support” link to bring up a web form. Same thing for LinkMan-E. If you are on our website, click For Customers, Technical Support, and click the “Click Here” link to get the web form. Here is a link to the web form. Where does this web form go? It goes to our entire Tech Support department, where the next person available will reply with a solution. Of course, you can always call the toll-free number for assistance (1-800-266-7732).

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