LinkLine: Fall 2014

Product Q & A

BSD SpecLink-E

Q. Is SpecLink-E available in the cloud? What advantages would I see in the cloud-based version?

A. In addition to standalone and server installations of SpecLink-E, yes -- you can now get BSD SpecLink-E on the cloud. You still get the same features you see in the current version of SpecLink-E. Additional features include the ability to access SpecLink-E from any device that provides Internet access, including Apple laptops, desktops, iPads and iPhones, Android tablets and phones, as well as Windows-based devices. There are no known firewall issues, and multiple users can easily collaborate on any project, regardless of where they happen to be located on the globe. Another major advantage of SLE Cloud is all hardware, software, and data maintenance and updating are the responsibility of BSD, so all IT expense is included in the annual subscription price -- which also provides unlimited telephone support. Additional information can be found in a separate article here.

Q. Where is the quarterly update to SpecLink-E?

A. Updates to SpecLink-E are no longer on a quarterly update schedule. In the past, software updates and database updates were bundled together into quarterly releases that had to be downloaded and installed by users. Now, database updates are published regularly by BSD, on almost a daily basis, and can be received by users at a frequency set by each customer (but not less than once per quarter). Software updates will now be released on a separate schedule that allows more flexibility in the timing of improvements and enhancements. Customers will be notified when a new software update is released.



Q. I created a LinkMan group and connected my Revit project to it, but I only see two tabs instead of 6. Where did the other tabs go?

A. In the current version of LinkMan-E (, LinkMan defaults to a basic view which shows only the Products Dashboard and the Revit Project tab. To view the other tabs, click the Advanced button on the View tab. You can toggle between the Basic and Advanced view at any time.

Q. Does LinkMan support Revit 2015?

A. The current version of LinkMan-E ( does support Revit 2015, as well as earlier versions of Revit (2009 through 2014).


BSD CostLink/AE

Q. I noticed that the quarterly update schedule of SpecLink-E has changed. Will the update schedule for new versions of CostLink/AE also change?

A. Updates to CostLink/AE will remain the same, which is a single update in the spring. CostLink/AE customers will be notified when a new version of the program becomes available.


Software Support

Q. What do I need to do to take advantage of the free tech support that comes with my software subscription?

A. We provide several ways for you to benefit from the free tech support that comes with your subscription. If you are in BSD SpecLink-E or BSD LinkMan-E, go to the My Start Page and click the “Email Technical Support” link to bring up a web form. If you are on BSD's website, click For Customers, Technical Support, and click the “Click Here” link to get the web form. Where does this web form go? It goes to our entire Tech Support department, where the next person available will reply with a solution. Of course, you can always call the toll-free number (1-800-266-7732) for assistance.