LinkLine: Fall 2014

About The New and Revised Sections

As of fall 2014, SpecLink-E contains several heavily revised sections. Read on to learn about the revisions.

Section 26 2300 - Low-Voltage Switchgear

Drawout; 600 V and less; low-voltage power circuit breakers.

This section includes metal-enclosed low-voltage drawout switchgear complying with IEEE C37.20.1 and listed to UL 1558, along with associated low-voltage power circuit breakers and accessories. Switchgear and switchboards, which are covered in Section 26 2413 (16442) – Switchboards, are designed and tested to different sets of standards, with significant differences in capabilities, overcurrent protective devices, space requirements, and cost.

Section 26 2713 - Electricity Metering

For owner metering; single and multi-circuit types.

This section includes microprocessor based digital equipment for owner electricity metering:

Electricity meters in this section may be configured for use for a variety of applications, including submetering for multi-tenant buildings, load monitoring and cost allocation for industrial facilities, and energy monitoring and data logging for facilities seeking sustainable design certification such as LEED. They may be configured for connection to other systems such as building automation or electrical power monitoring systems for remote monitoring.


Section 26 2413 - Switchboards

This section has been almost entirely revised to include updated and expanded information. Part 1 includes new articles “ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS” and "FIELD CONDITIONS." The existing Part 2 articles "SURGE PROTECTIVE DEVICES," "AMMETERS AND VOLTMETERS," "METER TRANSFER SWITCHES," "POWER METERS," "METERING TRANSFORMERS," and "ACCESSORIES" have been deleted and associated content has been relocated to existing article "SWITCHBOARDS." Requirements for circuit breakers and fusible switches have been relocated to new article "OVERCURRENT PROTECTIVE DEVICES." Part 3 includes new articles "EXAMINATION," "CLOSEOUT ACTIVITIES," and "PROTECTION." The previous article "PREPARATION" has been deleted. The section also includes extensive new master note content, which specifiers should find very helpful when editing.