LinkLine: Winter 2014-15

Product Q & A


Q. I just upgraded to the latest version of SpecLink-E. How can I open my old SpecLink+ projects in SpecLink-E?

A. The Copy from SpecLink+ function has been removed from SpecLink-E. If you have SpecLink+ project files that need to be converted to SpecLink-E, contact BSD Support to send the files to us. With no project open in SpecLink-E, click File and then Copy from SpecLink+. You will be presented with a link to a web page prompting you to fill out a survey for uploading projects to be imported from SpecLink+.

Q. It seems I can only use letters when I create a User Defined Tag, even though I see some master Requirements tags with numbers. Why is that?

A. Previous versions of SpecLink-E only allowed the use of letters in User Defined tags. Beginning in the January 2015 version of SpecLink-E (, you can now use a 2-character combination of letters and numbers.

Q. What resources are available for specifying for sustainable design in SpecLink-E?

A. Previous versions of SpecLink-E contained sections to assist in specifying for LEED, and recently sections were added to assist in specifying for LEED v4 BD+C. You can find more information in our Specifier’s Library, particularly on our web page for Specifying Courses ( You may want to bookmark this page, and check back often as additional guidance may be added to SpecLink-E in between software updates.


Q. Is there some kind of tutorial for getting started using LinkMan-E?

A. We offer live webinars that get users started on the basics of LinkMan-E. They are free and last about 1 hour, and are held on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. EST. You can find sign up information on our website at

Q. Does LinkMan support Revit 2015?

A. The current versions of LinkMan-E ( and do support Revit 2015, as well as earlier versions of Revit (2009 through 2014).


Q. Why am I getting an error that CostLink cannot find the database, when I open older estimates?

A. If you are getting the error “cannot find the 2012 Means AE Assemblies database” (where the year could be different in your case), likely you have moved the CostLink installation to a new system and have installed from the newest release or download file. If this is the case, contact Technical Support (1-800-266-7732). We can assist with getting the prior years’ databases installed to your system so that you can open the older cost models.

Software Support

Q. I need to move the installation of BSD software to another machine. Will it require a new license?

A. BSD customers get free Tech Support with their subscriptions, and that includes guidance on moving the installation to a new PC or server. When the software is moved, it will require that the license be transferred to the new location (a new license code).