LinkLine: Winter 2014-15

Updating in SLE Now More Automated

Last year we replaced quarterly updating of data and software with continuous, on-line data updates and periodic software replacements. This year we are further improving the way data updates are incorporated into existing projects. Our goal has always been to provide the most up-to-date and accurate data possible without altering or otherwise interfering with our users’ existing projects – while requiring the least possible effort. This latest release of BSD SpecLink-E incorporates several significant new capabilities that continue BSD’s progress in that direction.


As always, any new project is based on the very latest data. Existing projects are now updated in a slightly different way, automatically incorporating new information while preventing any changes to the selected or active text. Any section in BSD’s master data not included in a project or not containing any user edits is automatically updated. Active sections and inactive sections containing user edits (such as edited office master sections not needed for a particular project) are treated differently from sections that have not been edited. New master paragraphs are added to these sections but are never selected automatically. Paragraphs not currently active that have been modified in screenshot2smallthe BSD master are also updated automatically in the project -- edited paragraphs are replaced and deleted paragraphs are removed, unless they have user-added subparagraphs. In both active and inactive sections, active paragraphs (or paragraphs selected but currently inactive) that would be affected by the update are never altered but are automatically flagged, allowing the user to see each potential update and accept or reject it. The flags are orange and red, indicating altered text and deleted text, respectively.

BSD master paragraphs that have been modified by BSD are marked in a project by turning the status columns orange (an orange flag). Project paragraphs that have been deleted from the BSD master data are flagged by red status columns and are converted to user text. Right-clicking on a flagged paragraph opens a dialog box that shows the current text and the potential update and allows its acceptance or rejection. There is also a new dialog box when the updated project is first opened that allows global acceptance of orange-flagged edits and red-flagged deletions. The net effect of these changes is greater assurance that our users have the very latest information available to them, even in ongoing projects such as office master projects. On the other hand, the changes to updating will never alter the text of an existing project without the user’s concurrence.