LinkLine: Winter 2015-16

Supporting Documents Offer Additional Specifying Information

There's something you might not have noticed in the title paragraph of several SpecLink-E sections. In addition to a basic summary of the section, a growing number of sections now offer links to Supporting Documents. Those linked documents can be viewed as additional, supplemental material to the spec sections within SpecLink-E. If you're confused about which spec section to use for a specific project, or unclear on, say, the differences between different types of air handling units or waterproofing applications, the related supporting documents can clear up those questions.

Generally, the supporting documents follow a 3-part template: 

This way, if you are unclear on a section you feel is necessary for a project, you can read the supporting document, decide if it is necessary, and have a guide on how to properly add that section to your project! Also, keep in mind this section of our website is growing, so bookmark the Supporting Documents page to get the latest documents.