LinkLine: Winter 2015-16

Product Q & A


Q. I need a list of submittals for my specification. Is there a way to generate a report of submittals in SpecLink-E?

A. Yes. SpecLink-E has 32 reports you can print, including several for submittals. In addition to a Submittals Report that shows sections requiring project data, shop drawings, and/or samples, there are separate reports for each of these, plus reports for submittals such as manufacturer qualifications and warranties. In addition, there is a Submittals Log, which exports the text of all submittal requirements to an Excel file that can be customized and sorted by various criteria. Open your project, and open the Print dialog. Under the Project Reports tab, click the drop-down for Print Requirements Reports. You can print a full report for all 32 types, or you can print one at a time. For more information, see the SpecLink-E Help topics Requirements Reports and Requirements Tags.

Q. I use a Mac. Will SpecLink-E work on a Mac?

A. Although SpecLink-E is programmed for Windows, you can still use the software if you have a Windows emulator (such as Parallels) on your Mac. You can also use the Cloud version of SpecLink-E, which does not require a Windows emulator.

Q. I imported a Word document into my SpecLink-E project, but the program gave some errors during the import. How can I resolve the errors?

A. Sometimes, when you import Word documents, and you have the Look for Choice Fields option turned on, you may get errors if the codes to convert choices are set up incorrectly. Simply turn off Look for Choice Fields, then import the Word document. Other errors could occur if Word documents are not formatted uniformly (even though to the eye they look  correct). This can happen if different editors use different styles to apply similar formatting throughout the Word document. There are two things you can do once it is in SpecLink-E: First, run Verify Document Sequencing on the section before you make any edits to the section (this command is found on the Tools tab). Then, review the section to make sure the paragraph levels are correct — you may find that you need to promote or demote some of the paragraphs in the section.


Q. I switched my SpecLink-E subscription to the Cloud. Do I also need to switch my LinkMan-E to the Cloud?

A. Since LinkMan-E needs to be installed at the same location as the SpecLink-E database, the answer is yes. Your SpecLink-E and LinkMan-E subscription types must match (standalone, server, or Cloud).

Q. I use different versions of Revit (such as 2015 and 2016). How will this affect my use of LinkMan-E?

A. LinkMan-E works with Revit versions 2009 through 2016, so you can connect 2015 Revit models to a LinkMan-E group, and in another session connect 2016 Revit models to a different LinkMan-E group.


Q. How often is the cost data in CostLink/AE updated?

A. CostLink/AE uses the RS Means Assemblies database, which is updated every year. The next version of CostLink/AE (for 2016) will be released soon, and it will include the 2016 Building Construction models, the RS Means Assemblies database, and the Building Construction Cost line item database.

Software Support

Q. We are upgrading our servers to new equipment. Is there a fee to get BSD Technical Support assistance in moving our SpecLink-E to the new server?

A. BSD Customers get free technical support. When you are planning a server migration, let us know ahead of time, and we can send you detailed steps for you to complete the move of SpecLink-E. And of course, feel free to contact us with any additional questions.