New and Revised Sections

Section 10 8200 – Aluminum Grilles and Screens

Section 108200 includes aluminum grilles shop fabricated and assembled into panels for installation on the building structure. Aluminum grilles provide ventilation and screening, or they can be purely decorative. Grille types include flat bar (often called eggcrate grilles), tubular bar, and perforated sheet. Manufacturers provide standard shapes and sizes, but custom patterns and designs can be created too. Standard finishes are fluoropolymer (Kynar-type) and anodized.

Section 09 9725 – Mineral-Based Coatings

Section 09 9725 includes mineral-based coatings and stains formulated to chemically bond with the substrate to produce a vapor permeable, water-repellent, and fire resistant finish. Mineral-based coatings in this specification are a combination of water, potassium silicate, mineral pigments, and fillers and a quartz binder. These types of coatings are extremely durable and typically last 20 years or more. Mineral-based coatings can be applied on concrete, masonry, stone, primed drywall, or plaster surfaces. They are not suitable on floors, or on plastic, wood, and metal surfaces.

Section 09 2400.00 – Cement Plastering

This section is an overhaul and replacement for Section 09 2400 – Portland Cement Plastering. The new section updates the title to conform to MasterFormat 2016. The section is numbered with “.00” to differentiate it in the SLE software from the obsolete section. Users may re-number the new section as needed.

There are two main categories in this section:  factory prepared mixes and jobsite mixed plaster. Factory prepared (premixed) plaster can be specified by selecting a complete exterior plaster system, including a weather resistive barrier and/or continuous insulation, or by selecting each coat as an “a la carte” option. Jobsite mixed plaster is based on traditional two or three coat mixes proportioned in accordance with ASTM C926.