LinkLine: Fall 2016

LinkLine: Fall 2016

About Your SpecLink-E Updates

Sections in Each Catalog

  • Design Criteria Catalog – 146
  • A = Architectural – 492
  • S = Structural – 195
  • C = Civil – 235
  • L = Landscape – 227
  • M = Mechanical / Electrical – 355
  • Comprehensive – 758


CONSTRUCT is the only national trade show and educational conference for the commercial building teams that spec and source building products.  BSD was at the show in Austin with our new CEO, Chris Anderson - and our departing CEO, Robert Dean. We hosted an Educational Forum for SpecLink-E users, a cocktail party for our Building Product Manufacturer partners, and displayed our full line of software in our new booth.  

New In SpecLink-E: Completely Tested Aluminum Composite System That Is NFPA 285 Compliant With Continuous Insulation

Larson by Alucoil

Alucoil is home to many top quality products including larson by Alucoil Aluminum Composite Panels as featured in SpecLink.  Proudly made in the USA,  the panels are available via a true system approach with no additional engineering judgements needed. The EVOMAXci with larson by Alucoil panel solution  can be specified as a fully tested system assembly via the combination of larson by Alucoil ACM panels, the EVO Extrusion System (hidden fasteners), and RMAX Continuous Insulation. Take the guesswork out of your specification and have the assurance that what is being specified indeed meets your highest standards.

Product Q & A


Q. In the new version of SpecLink-E, how do I save a choice field after I have created it? The Save button on the Choices fly-out panel is inactive.

A. When you create a choice field and want to insert it into a paragraph in the document window, you simply click and hold the Drag button in the Choices fly-out panel, drag to the location to place the choice, and release the mouse. This way, you can drag the choice to multiple locations without having to create it every time. So, why is there a Save button on the Choices fly-out panel? If you need to make a change to the structure of a choice, you click on the choice, change the Choice Options, then click Save.

Q. I need to delete a choice, but I don’t see a Delete option in the Choices fly-out panel. How do I delete a choice?

New In SpecLink-E: Dual Thermal Storefront from CRL-U.S. Aluminum Delivers U-Factors as Low as 0.19

usalum arcticfront

Now available in 08 43 13, the new ArcticFront™ Series 45X Storefront delivers optimal thermal performance via dual polyurethane thermal break points within a traditional 2" x 4-1/2" center-glazed frame.

Kahua and BSD Join Forces to Improve Architect-Contractor Communication

BSD and Kahua recently announced the integration of BSD’s automated construction specification-writing software, BSD SpecLink-E, with Kahua’s project management and collaboration platform. This integration streamlines and enhances the specifications to submittals process and enables a vastly improved level of coordination between the architect and the contractor on construction projects that is unmatched in the industry today. It is the first collaborative effort in a strategic partnership targeted at helping the real estate and construction industry optimize complex intercompany business processes.

Specifications prepared by an architect for a construction project typically include dozens, or even hundreds of sections, each dealing with a particular building element, such as concrete, masonry, and roofing. Many of these sections, in addition to establishing the quality requirements for materials and installation, call for the contractor to provide submittals to the architect for quality control. On a project employing typical printed specifications, extracting the specific submittal requirements and assembling them into a useful tracking log is a tedious, manual process.

BSD Customer Case Study: Design Evolves with BSD SpecLink-E Software

Taylor Design

Today, savvy AEC professionals use technology more than ever. Advanced specification-writing software now features built-in intelligence and the ability to maintain and update itself. As master guide system software becomes more powerful, the role of the specification writer naturally is changing.

As recently as seven years ago, an article in the magazine Architect made this claim: “It is impossible to say where specs will be in 10 years, but it’s clear that although the field is changing rapidly, real-world experience remains essential to defining the material qualities necessary for turning designs into well-built structures. Tools change and trade groups evolve, but, spec writers’ knowledge and their connection to the larger team shouldn’t be discounted so quickly.”1 In other words, although it appeared that specification writers were becoming obsolete due to advances in software, their technical expertise was still relevant.

BSD Announces New CEO

BSD announced the appointment of Christopher Anderson as its new president and CEO, effective as of August 29, 2016. Mr. Anderson will be located at BSD’s headquarters in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

Prior to his acceptance of the position at BSD, Mr. Anderson served as Vice President, Data Strategy & Consulting with The Gordian Group, which recently acquired RS Means, the premier U.S. source of building cost data. In his role at Gordian, Mr. Anderson specialized in data strategy and analytics, covering all aspects of the building construction lifecycle from conception through facility management. Prior to the Gordian Group position, Chris was General Manager at RS Means, where he was responsible for all aspects of the business, including development and execution of customer growth strategy for the company’s construction pricing data and consulting services to building owners and facility managers.

New and Revised Sections

Section 10 8200 – Aluminum Grilles and Screens

Section 108200 includes aluminum grilles shop fabricated and assembled into panels for installation on the building structure. Aluminum grilles provide ventilation and screening, or they can be purely decorative. Grille types include flat bar (often called eggcrate grilles), tubular bar, and perforated sheet. Manufacturers provide standard shapes and sizes, but custom patterns and designs can be created too. Standard finishes are fluoropolymer (Kynar-type) and anodized.

New In SpecLink-E: DaVinci Roofscapes

DaVinci Logo

Please join us in welcoming DaVinci Roofscapes to SpecLink-E. You’ll find their products in Section 07 3110.

DaVinci Roofscapes is the leading developer and manufacturer of synthetic roofing tiles. In 2001, they introduced their first product, Multi-Width Slate, and since then have grown to 7 products offered across the United States, Canada, and internationally. Made for high-end, steep sloped roofing, their polymer slate and shake tiles are Class A Fire Rated, Class 4 Impact Rated, Miami-Dade approved, and come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. With 50 colors and 7 styles to choose from their products are perfect for retail, restaurant, religious, educational, and residential roofing projects.

Our Featured Manufacturers

BSD gives building product manufacturers the opportunity to explain to SpecLink users the advantages of their products. The summer 2016 update adds or expands the listings of eleven featured manufacturers.

The following is a complete list of new and featured manufacturers in the Summer 2016 update:

Founded in the 1980's as a division of a pre-fabricated garage door company, C.H.I. Overhead Doors now manufactures both Sectional and Overhead Coiling Doors. The sectional door lineup includes models for both residential and commercial applications. Our coiling door products include service doors, counter shutters, fire doors, fire shutters, rolling grilles and side folding grilles. These new products are located in 08 1174 Sliding Metal Grilles, 08 3313 Coiling Counter Doors, 08 3323 Overhead Coiling Doors, 08 3326 Overhead Coiling Grilles, and 08 3613 Sectional Doors.

Concrete Sealers USA offers a complete line of true professional grade concrete care products, designed to strengthen, preserve, protect, beautify, and extend life of a multitude of applications made of concrete, brick, stucco, or real and faux stone. Products include commercial grade, but user and environmentally friendly, penetrating concrete sealers, topical concrete sealers, concrete dyes and stains, concrete cleaners, concrete crack repair kits, and application tools. Concrete Sealers USA products may be specified in sections 03 3511 – Concrete Floor Finishes, 03 3533 – Stamped Concrete, and 07 1900 – Water Repellents.