LinkLine: Summer 2015

New In SpecLink-E:  Achieve a Compelling Balance Between Form and Function with Division 10 Glass Office Partition Systems by C.R. Laurence

MEC 006CRL delivers a complete line of Division 10 office partition systems designed to meet performance requirements while providing striking visuals that stand the test of time. The company’s array of customizable solutions includes movable walls that can help create multi-purpose spaces; framed systems to enhance acoustic privacy; and frameless partitions that maximize natural light transmission and add a contemporary flair. If floor space is a primary concern, you can also select from CRL’s complete line of sliding door systems.

Because CRL’s glass office partition systems are demountable and relocatable, you have flexibility when it comes to interior configurations. Other benefits include quick shipping from a network of nationwide service centers, and qualification for accelerated tax depreciation.

Glass office partition systems provide an effective and efficient way to divide and organize commercial interior spaces and CRL has a system ready to meet your specification, budget, and schedule needs.