LinkLine: Summer 2015

BSD Customer Case Study:  Anthony Abbate Architect PA Saves Significant Time Using SpecLink-E

Anthony Abbate Architect PA has been in practice since 1989 and is engaged in a variety of projects providing creative design and consulting services in architecture and urban design for both public and private sectors in the US and abroad.


Located in Ft. Lauderdale, many of their award-winning designs can be seen throughout central and southern Florida.

Their design process begins with the strategic formation of a project team tailored specifically to the client’s project needs. Each project evolves through a series of design explorations, broadly informed by a broad base of issues and opportunities. Anthony Abbate Architect believes that the essential qualities of each project emerge from the creative interpretation of the many influences that shape a project.

Anthony Abbate Architect has an excellent record for meeting their client’s needs, balancing time and cost without compromise to design quality. They have been recognized with over 17 design awards. These include such diverse projects as residential remodeling, marine research facilities, restaurants, parks, educational facilities and transit greenways.

As a full service design practice, they provide complete programming, site analysis and selection, planning, design documentation and project administration.

The Need

Creating award-winning designs requires a talented staff. It also requires time. In a small firm, such as Anthony Abbate Architect PA, time is a highly prized commodity. Extra time spent in any area of a project is time taken away from another area. An automated specification writing system can offer great time advantages. However, with word-processing based systems, the time spent correcting formatting and other issues can sometimes cancel out those savings.

In 1996 the staff at Anthony Abbate Architect was looking for a more comprehensive way to produce their specifications. They were looking for a way to better utilize their time. Their search led them to SpecLink.

The Solution

Anthony Abbate, principal, says, “In a small firm, such as this one, every minute counts. Since we began using SpecLink, our specifications are more coordinated, complete and easily referenced.” This better coordination is accomplished through SpecLink-E’s global formatting. With SpecLink-E, all sections are stored in a single database file, allowing any formatting changes to be made once – updating all sections simultaneously. This includes changing of page formats, paragraph numbering styles, headers and footers, key terms and units of measure.

Abbate continues, “With SpecLink, the formatting is automatic. We are able to edit and compare a complete set of specifications in about one-half the amount of time it used to take us. Being able to work from a comprehensive specification catalog to write, edit and import sections from manufacturers in an organized framework helps us to focus on content.”

The Outcome

Anthony Abbate Architect has completed numerous outstanding projects with SpecLink-E. According to Abbate, their favorite one was for Broward County, FL, "our best project using SpecLink was a Broward House Education Center, which is a rehab center for drug-addicted HIV patients. SpecLink helped us save a significant amount of time during the specification writing process -- time we were then able to put into other areas of the project." The result was an award-winning design that their client was very pleased with.

Saving time, creating award-winning designs, and exceeding client expectations -- it's all in a day's work for Anthony Abbate Architect. Reflecting on their decision to use SpecLink-E, Abbate says, "we are a small practice. Having SpecLink provides us with the ability to be competitive while maintaining the high standards we have set for our clients and ourselves. And we have just scratched the surface of what the software is capable of doing!"