LinkLine: Summer 2015

Product Q & A


Q. SpecLink-E is telling me that my user count has been exceeded, but no one else is in the software today. Is there something wrong with my license?

A. When a user checks out a section, it uses one of the seats of your license. If the section is not checked back in, the license remains in use. This usually happens if a user closes the program without checking in the section, or a section remains checked out as a result of the user’s system losing connection with the server. You can go to Tools, Unlock Documents, and see a list of sections that have been checked out, and by whom. If one of the users listed has sections checked out that they don’t need to work on, you can select all of the sections checked out by that user and use the Undo Document Checkout to free up a seat of the license. No data will be lost when using Undo Document Checkout on a section.

Q. Now that the master updates for SpecLink-E are done online automatically, how can I check if my SpecLink-E master is up-to-date?

A. With a project open in SpecLink-E, open the Summary Info dialog and check the Date of Last Master Update. This is the date that your master was last updated to the latest data released by BSD. Keep in mind that updates are issued regularly. You can change the frequency of SpecLink-E updating through SLE Support Utilities, which is located on the server where SpecLink-E is installed. The Update BSD Master tab of the SLE Support Utilities allows you to adjust the frequency with which you will receive updates.  You can also click “Update Master Now” to get your master completely updated, usually in about 10 to 20 minutes.

Q. I normally copy my office master or other projects to create new projects, but I have to edit my header and footer every time. Is there a way to automate the headers and footers?

A. If you use an office master to pre-edit your technical content, you can also pre-edit your headers and footers in the office master. Make sure you use the keywords available in the header/footer dialog, rather than typing text from the keyboard. Then, when you copy the office master, the keywords will pick up the terms specific to the new project, as well as any formatting you have set up in the headers and footers.  In addition to the keywords that have been available, you can now insert both Master and User Defined Global Terms into headers and footers


Q. We usually start our drawings first, and then the specification is prepared at the end of the project. Will using LinkMan-E require us to change our approach to completing projects?

A. Not at all. There are several scenarios that allow for quite a range in completing project data – from “minimal integration,” where the spec is prepared last, independently of the drawings, to “advanced integration,” in which the spec and the drawings are prepared at the same time. Using LinkMan-E will not require a change in your approach, but affords you the opportunity to find a comfort level within this range to take full advantage of the capability to identify, control, and coordinate relevant discrepancies between the Revit model and SpecLink-E specification.

Q. I see you can back-up the database in SpecLink-E. How can I back-up my LinkMan-E groups?

A. When you back-up or restore the databases in SpecLink-E, this process also includes the LinkMan-E Master and LME Groups databases.


Q. What training resources are available for learning CostLink/AE?

A. There are step-by-step instructions in the Help Contents tab that contain directions for using each feature in CostLink/AE, which will assist you in creating estimates. In addition, there is a tutorial in the BSD CostLink/AE User Manual. This tutorial will walk you through creating a sample estimate. The tutorial can be found on our download center ( We also have a one-day training course available by request.

Software Support

Q. What pricing plans does BSD have for providing technical support for their software products?

A. Technical Support for SpecLink-E, LinkMan-E, and CostLink/AE is provided free to our customers. The business hours for Tech Support are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern time. You can contact Tech Support by telephone (800/266-7732) or via the e-mail link on our Contact Us web page (