LinkLine: Summer 2015

coral imageNew In SpecLink-E:  Coral Architectural Products Offers a Full Line of Architectural Aluminum Products for Division 8

Coral Architectural Products, a division of Coral Industries was established in January 2005 and offers a full line of architectural aluminum entrance doors, storefronts, curtain walls, and protective glazing products. Coral is pleased to announce that all of its architectural aluminum products now can be specified through Building Systems Design's specification management system - BSD SpecLink-E.

Coral has brought together a management team with over 35 years of industry experience in designing, testing and marketing in order to develop its industry leading aluminum systems. Each system is designed and tested for simplicity, versatility, maximum performance and ease of installation. To ensure the highest standards in performance and structural integrity for today’s demanding projects; all Coral Architectural Products are tested in accordance with ASTM and/or AAMA guidelines for air infiltration, water resistance and structural loads at certified independent test laboratories. In addition, Coral manufacturers a number of products specifically designed and engineered to meet the stringent demands for commercial projects constructed in coastal regions having to withstand high velocity winds and missile impact during a hurricane. In addition, Coral Architectural Products can furnish the FL550 storefront with the integrated MS381 entrance door designed and tested to reduce the potential hazards associated with security threats from a bomb blast thereby protecting occupants in government facilities.

For more information about Coral Architectural products please visit the website at: