LinkLine: Summer 2015

About The New and Revised Sections

As of summer 2015, SpecLink-E features several new or revised sections. Read on to learn about them.

Section 09 6433 - Laminated Wood Flooring

This new section includes multi-ply laminated tongue and groove wood flooring with a factory applied finish. Also referred to as engineered hardwood, this type of flooring can be glued down, nailed or stapled down, or “floated” over concrete or wood subfloors.   Unlike solid wood floors, laminated wood flooring can be installed in below grade applications.

Section 09 9113 - Exterior Painting

Section 09 9123 - Interior Painting

Section 09 9000 - Paints and Coatings has been divided into two sections; Section 09 9113 - Exterior Painting and Section 09 9123 - Interior Painting. We did this to improve the user experience. By separating the paint categories and their respective product listings, the user can streamline decision making and coordination using this specifying approach. In aligning the specific systems and preparation methods unique to interior or exterior environments, we have improved the overall organization of the information and ease of specifying paints.

Specific changes the user will notice:

Additional information on these sections can be found in the Supporting Documents section here.

Proprietary Section 26 0943:LUT2 - Network Lighting Controls - Lutron Homeworks QS

Lutron Homeworks QS network lighting control system. This section includes lighting controls featuring basis of design products from Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. The section also includes HVAC controls furnished by the lighting control manufacturer, for system control interface.

System components include:

Revised Section 26 0573 - Power System Studies

This section has been almost entirely revised to include updated and expanded information. The title has been revised from “Overcurrent Protective Device Coordination Study” to “Power System Studies”, in accordance with 2016 MasterFormat. Part 1 includes the new article “ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS.” The existing Part 1 article “PROTECTIVE DEVICE STUDY” has been deleted and associated content has been relocated to new article "POWER SYSTEM STUDIES,” which also includes new content for arc flash and shock risk assessments. Part 2 includes new article “ARC FLASH HAZARD WARNING LABELS,” while existing Part 2 article “PROTECTIVE DEVICES” has been removed. Part 3 includes new articles “INSTALLATION” (for arc flash hazard warning labels), “CLOSEOUT ACTIVITIES,” and “ATTACHMENTS.” The section also includes extensive new master note content featuring a link to a new supporting document, which specifiers should find very helpful when editing.