LinkLine: Spring 2015

Division 46 Water and Wastewater Equipment Sections Are Coming Soon to SpecLink-E

SpecLink’s Wastewater sections will be at the final “Bells and Whistles” stage at some point during the month of May. Rather than wait several months to complete a few remaining sections, do the final content critique, verify the intelligent links and tags, and generate the Supporting Documents, we plan to go ahead and publish a "Preliminary" version of the Wastewater sections for our users to review and “use at their own risk.”

As the final bells and whistles are added, and the Supporting Documents are completed, the sections will be sent through our final phase inspection and the word "Preliminary" will be removed from these sections as they are officially published. Everything should be officially published sometime in the Fall 2015.

Please note this is not our standard operational procedure. We decided to take this approach due to the overwhelming demand our current users, as well as new users, have for this information. Anyone who has the Comprehensive or ME Catalogues will be able to see the Water and Wastewater sections while they are in this preliminary phase.