LinkLine: Fall 2015

Product Q & A


Q. How often does my SpecLink-E receive master updates from BSD?

A. All installations of SpecLink-E have a default master update of once every month. You can change the frequency of these updates so you receive them more or less frequently than that. Simply open the SLE Support Utilities (where the server portion of SpecLink-E is installed), and click the Update BSD Master tab. Here you can set the time and frequency of master updates from BSD.

Q. How can I make use of my user-added Global Terms in headers and footers?

A. In previous versions of SpecLink-E, you could not use user-added global terms in headers and footers. Beginning in version, you can. While editing a header or footer, take note of the new Insert a Global Term button that is located next to the Keyword button.  Just click the button to see the list of terms you can now insert into headers and footers.



Q. Is LinkMan-E available in the cloud?

A. The latest release of LinkMan-E (version is also available in the cloud. Users now have three setup options:  standalone, server, and cloud. Keep in mind that the location of LinkMan-E must match the location of SpecLink-E; in order to use LinkMan-E in the cloud, you will need to use SpecLink-E Cloud as well. For more information, click here to read our feature story about this update.

Q. When will LinkMan-E be ready for use with Revit 2016?

A. The current version of LinkMan-E can be used with Revit 2016. Also, it is still compatible with Revit versions 2009 through 2015.



Q. How can I e-mail my CostLink/AE reports to someone who does not have CostLink?

A. Export the report(s) to a PDF, Excel, Word, or Rich Text Format file. To export your reports, Print Preview a report you would like to e-mail. In the Print Preview window, click the export report button on the toolbar. Choose PDF, Excel, Word, or Rich Text Format. Follow the onscreen directions, including entering a file name and location. Once the export is complete, you can e mail the exported file as an attachment. A few things to keep in mind:


Software Support

Q. Where can I find a fee schedule for technical support for using SpecLink-E, LinkMan-E, and CostLink/AE?

A. Technical Support for SpecLink-E, LinkMan-E, and CostLink/AE is provided free to our customers. The business hours for Tech Support are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. You can contact Tech Support by telephone (800-266-7732) or via the e-mail link on our Contact Us web page (