LinkLine: Fall 2015

SpecLink-E's Latest Update Addresses Choices and Fill-ins

The Issue: 

If the text of a master paragraph has not been modified by a user, any choice or user-inserted fill-in text contained within that paragraph has the potential to be lost when the user accepts BSD updates in that project.

The Solution

As of the latest version of SpecLink-E (version — click here if you have not yet installed this version), a change to any choice in a master paragraph now constitutes a user modification [indicated by a turquoise highlight in the Sequence Number (#) column and a turquoise icon in the Origin (O) column, as shown below]. This means that any choice or fill-in text that has been selected or inserted by a user since the installation of SLE has not been and will not be affected by the updating process. Users concerned about choices and fill-ins selected or inserted in earlier versions of SLE can protect that data by modifying the text of the paragraphs in which they are contained. (The most practical way to do this is to place the cursor at the end of the paragraph, type a space, and then delete it.) Note that this is necessary only for master paragraphs. Choices and fill-ins in user-created paragraphs have never been affected by updates.