LinkLine: Spring 2015

Product Q & A


Q. Has there been a change to the marking process in SpecLink-E – and can I still ignore or accept updates on my projects?

A. We have made changes to the marking of projects for versions and newer. Basically, more of the process has been automated to make the updating process easier. Additionally, flags to indicate updated and removed paragraphs have been changed to indicate the difference between modified (flagged orange) and removed (flagged red) paragraphs. There are now no flags to indicate added paragraphs, but any added paragraphs will be inactive in an existing project. You still have the option to Apply Updates or Ignore Updates when you open a project. For more information, a complete list of the changes in the marking is available in the online Help topic called “Marking Your Project.”

Q. What is this new authentication for logging into SpecLink-E?

A. The new authentication applies only to subscribers of the Corporate version of SpecLink-E. Beginning in version, Corporate users will be required to log into SpecLink-E with a user ID and password that is assigned to them by their SpecLink-E System Manager. To assist in the setup process we have a utility you can use to create a .csv file to import your user credentials, which can be found on our download center. Once imported, you can easily modify users from the Tools/Assign System Roles tab. The download includes the program file along with a sample csv file and a guide on how to use the utility.  Some of the benefits of authentication include:

Q. I want to export and import newer Word (.docx) files. Does SpecLink-E support this format?

A. SpecLink-E will now export and import both Word formats (.doc and .docx). To export sections to Word, open the project, go to the Print menu, and click Export. You will be prompted to choose the Save as type – click the dropdown and choose .doc or .docx, and follow the prompts. To import Word documents, click on a subdivision folder you want the section to be in, click Insert, and then From .Doc. A dialog box allows you to navigate to the section you wish to import. Click the drop-down for “Files of type” and choose either .doc or .docx.


Q. I see that SpecLink-E has a Cloud version available. Is LinkMan-E also on the Cloud?

A. LinkMan-E was not available in a Cloud version when this was written. However, it should be available any day now and may have been released before you read this.

Q. I am using Design Options in my Revit model. Does LinkMan-E show all options in the Revit Project tab, or my current primary option?

A. LinkMan-E will show all elements from the model’s Family tree, whether active on the model or not, when the “Show All Types” button is active in LinkMan-E. If you switch to “Show Active Types” only the active items from the model will be shown – and this includes showing only the primary design option, not the other “inactive” options.


Q. What is the current version of CostLink/AE, and when will the update be available?

A. The current version is 5.2 (Spring 2015), so the latest one for this year is now available on our download center.

Q. What kind of reports can I print or export from CostLink/AE?

A. When you are ready to print your cost estimate, there are two basic report types:  First, a Project Summary report, which summarizes cost information for an estimate. You can choose to include the markups in the costs for each folder, or to print the direct costs for each folder with the markups listed at the end. You select the level of breakdown. You can also print a Detail Estimate report along with the summary, which provides a complete listing of all tasks in an estimate. The costs are totaled at each folder in the estimate. You specify the formatting of this report using the Preferences tab of the Reports dialog box. Once you have chosen the report type, you then have a few output options from the Print Preview window:  Hardcopy print, and export to PDF, Excel, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Word (keeping in mind that formulas do not export).

Software Support

Q. Is there a quick start guide that I can use to get up and running using SpecLink-E?

A. We have a 1-hour live webinar that we give twice a week. We also have a 45-minute, self-paced video that you can view at any time. The video, and the links to sign up for a live webinar, can be found on our website at Keep in mind the video and the live webinars present the same content.